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Shields in Arena provide additional protection from enemy attacks, adding to your Armor Rating like armor. Shields require one hand to use, thus they cannot be used alongside two-handed weapons.

Armor Rating and WeightEdit

There are four basic types of shields with increasing coverage and damage reduction. The trade off is that more effective shields weigh more.

Shield Type Base Armor Rating Weight (kg) Protected Area
Buckler -1 2 Hands and Left Shoulder
Round Shield -2 5 Hands, Left Shoulder, and Waist
Kite Shield -3 8 Hands, Left Shoulder, Waist, and Upper Legs
Tower Shield -4 10 Hands, Left Shoulder, Waist, Upper Legs, and Head

Metal TypesEdit

Metal colors, from Iron to Ebony

The type of metal a shield is made of alters the level of protection it provides. Unlike armor and weapons, the color of most shields is not changed by their metal. Tower shields are the exception, with the boss and rim of the female version and the flame design of the male version taking on the metal's color. Most shields have no metal in their name, these have the armor rating of steel (and in the case of tower shields, the appearance of iron).

Metal Type Armor Rating
Tower Shield
Iron +1 Teal
0 Teal
Steel 0 Dark, cold gray
Silver 0 Bright gray
Elven -1 Pale green
Dwarven -2 Gold
Mithril -3 Blueish white
Adamantium -4 Dark blueish gray
Ebony -5 Dark, warm gray

All Shields by TypeEdit

The following sections provide an exhaustive listing of each shield in the game by type, including its material, effects, cost, and location.


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Round ShieldsEdit

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Kite ShieldsEdit

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Tower ShieldsEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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