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Hit Points 45 - 75
Damage 5 - 20
Experience HP × 20 + 1,000 (1,900 - 2,500)
STR 70 INT 40
WIL 60 AGI 80
END 60 PER 10
SPD 50 LUC 50

Ghouls are undead that feast on human corpses. They tend to appear in groups of two or three. They have a 24% chance of dropping 7 - 70 gold and a 5% chance of dropping a low-quality item.

"These undead are the carrion eaters of dungeons, crypts, and other burial places. They feast on human corpses and other rotting flesh. Although they are not intelligent, they have a natural cunning that aids them in finding food. Because of their vile habits, ghouls have a chance of transmitting a disease to those they bite."
Arena Player's Guide

Locations FoundEdit