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Hit Points 90 - 120
Damage 10 - 35
Experience HP × 45 + 7,500 (11,550 - 12,900)
STR 20 INT 60
WIL 70 AGI 85
END 60 PER 10
SPD 60 LUC 50
(Leaves no corpse.)

16% chance of 13 - 130 gold
90% chance of a magic item or potion

Homonculus are tougher than they look, these little critters are created by mages from various elements. They shoot a potent electrical spell.

A strange being created by a high level wizard who has somehow combined the properties of certain spells with parts of various demons. These creatures are often set to guard areas, using their ability to fly to patrol corridors. They have the ability to cast spells, using these effectively with their normal attacks to ward whatever areas they have been set to guard.
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