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In the world of Arena, magic is a very powerful ally and a feared adversary. While only the Mage classes and Bards can cast spells, anyone with a magically-imbued item or potion can use magic.

Spellcasting is very simple, requiring nothing more than an adequate supply of magical energy and knowledge of the spell. New spells can be learned at the Mages Guild. For those who want to create custom spells, the Mages Guild also offers spellmaking to help you create a more personal spellbook. There is a Mages Guild in every village, town, and city-state.


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You may cast only spells that are in your spellbook. You start out with one healing spell and one offensive spell. The Mages Guild can sell you additional spells, either from the Known Spellbook or that you yourself construct using the Spellmaker.

To see the details on the spells in your spellbook, go to the character information page (by pressing the F1 key, then the N key) and click on the Spellbook button (or press the S key). It will bring up a listing of the spells you have bought. For information on a spell, double-click on it to bring up the detail screen.

To cast a spell, simply click on the Cast Spell icon or press the C key. A list of all your spellbook's spells will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Select the one you want to cast and follow the onscreen instructions.

To re-cast the most recently cast spell, either right-click on the Cast Spell icon or press Shift-C.

To aim targeted spells, simply move your cursor over to where you want the spell to go. Such spells have an "alley" they travel down, and if at any point that alley is obstructed, the spell expends itself on the obstruction.


Up to 32 custom spells can be created through a spellmaking service provided exclusively by the Mages Guild. For more information, see Mage Services.

Magical ItemsEdit

Weapons, armor, rings, and other items can be enchanted with magical effects, and can be purchased from the Mages Guild or from equipment stores. For more information, see Magic Items.

Potions also grant magical effects, including healing. For more information, see Potions.

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