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Queen Ulandra is the queen of Eldenroot. She can be found in Eldenroot Palace and helps you find the Elden Grove.


  • When you talk to her for the first time, she will say,: "You ask us for the location of the Elden Grove, birthplace of the sacred First Tree. Such knowledge has a price. Over the past year we have seen our beautiful Valenwood change. Parts have become unsafe for travellers, others have turned dark and sinister, leeching the very earthblood from the soil. Alerion, greatest of our Loremasters, found bodies of our people sucked dry of all fluid. They lay wasted, living dead that had no memories of their former existence. Sadly, they had to be destroyed. Ten of our rangers left to search through the Valenwood Forests, hoping for a clue to this mystery. Two months later their severed heads were delivered to us by an emissary of someone who calls herself Selene, High Priestess of Shagrath, the God of Spiders. She delivered to us an ultimatum. Surrender Valenwood or die! We are not a fighting people, and have no standing army. We prefer to dwell here amongst the trees and mother earth, rejoicing in the commune of the land. We cannot stand against Selene and her spider warriors. I fear an end to my people and our way of life. You seem to be a strong and formidable adventurer. I implore you, put an end to her threat against us. I will inscribe on your map the location her emissary referred to as 'Selene's Web', sight [sic] of our supposed surrender. Somewhere in those dark corridors lies the one thing that can safeguard us from her greed. Somewhere in her fortress lies her 'heart'. It is said to be a great jewel into which she has infused her lifeforce. If you bring us this jewel, she would dare not attack us with her life in the balance. If you are successful, we will share with you the sacred knowledge of the Elden Grove. Will you help us?"
  • If you agree to help, she will then say, "You are truly a compassionate soul. Know this, Selene's Web lies near the city of Eldenroot. I pray, be careful, she is a powerful sorceress who consorts with the undead. I wish thee luck on thy quest... Queen Ulandra inscribes the location of Selene's Web onto your map..."
  • If you don't agree to help, she will instead say, "I fear then that we will vanish as a people. [player name], I understand your reluctance, but please consider my people and their fate. If you should change your mind, I would gladly welcome your assistance." Queen Ulandra smiles sadly, her face etched in grief. It seems that you are free to leave...
  • If you come back after declining at first, she will tell you, "I see you have returned to us. I hope you have changed your mind and are willing to find the High Priestess of Shagrath and bring us her heart. Our people will be forever in your debt for their deliverance. I will tell you the location of the Elden Grove as a small token of my gratitude if you are successful. Will you help us in our time of need?" (This message is not actually seen in-game due to a bug.)
  • Once you return with the Heart of Selene, she will be most grateful: "I and my people owe a debt we cannot begin to pay, [player]. You have given us a new hope, and for that we are eternally grateful. Come and stand before me... Queen Ulandra gently unrolls an ancient scroll, then takes a light feather pen and inscribes the location of the Elden Grove, somewhere in the Valenwood Province, onto your map..."
  • Should you come back without the Heart, she will say, "Selene and her spider warriors are a formidable opponent. I hold no blame for your failure. Rest and be at peace. If you wish to try again, I would be most grateful..." Queen Ulandra motions to some of the retinue, who come forward to help you from the throne room...