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The Staff of Chaos

The Staff of Chaos is an ancient relic of untold power. Said to have been forged from the essence of the very Land itself, it is nigh-indestructible. It has the power to open gateways into other worlds and is capable of obliterating the entire corporeal form of a living creature.

The Staff of Chaos plays a central part in the Arena main questline. Over the course of eight quests, the player, guided by the spirit of Ria Silmane, must delve into Tamriel's most dangerous dungeons to retrieve the shattered pieces of the Staff. Having reunited the staff, they confront Jagar Tharn, ultimately linking the Staff to the Jewel of Fire in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace. The staff's power is released in a powerful surge of energy, causing the destruction of the Imperial Battlemage, and the release of Uriel Septim VII from his otherworldly prison.

For historical information, see the lore article.