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Stone Golem
Stone Golem
Hit Points 175 - 250
Damage 10 - 35
Experience HP × 55 + 12,500 (22,125 - 26,250)
STR 100 INT 70
WIL 70 AGI 90
END 90 PER 50
SPD 70 LUC 50
  • Ranged magic spell
  • Immune to mundane weapons

Stone Golems are between the Ice Golem and the Iron Golem in terms of strength. Their ranged magic attack cannot be ameliorated by a potion, which makes them more dangerous than most spellcasting monsters. They are immune to any weapon below dwarven.

They have a 9% chance to drop 15 - 150 gold.

Golems are creatures created by those practiced in the arcane arts. They are fashioned from a material to resemble a human form, then animated and set to particular tasks, whether that be questing for an object or guarding a tomb. There are three varieties known to exist in the land: Ice, Stone, and Iron. Any of these are dangerous, each with its own special abilities, immunities, and spell casting powers. Defeating one is a feat well worth praise, for they are very formidable opponents.
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