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Hit Points 500
Damage 10 - 50
Experience HP × 75 + 30,000 (67,500)
STR 80 INT 33
WIL 90 AGI 95
END 90 PER 80
SPD 70 LUC 70
  • Immunity to mundane weapons, vulnerability to silver weapons, fast healing, spellcasting, sees invisible, transmits disease

Vampires are the second most powerful monster after the Lich. They cast fireballs and can transmit diseases. Like trolls, they can only be subdued by weapon attacks, and magic attacks are required to kill them. Like Trolls, their regeneration ability will greatly increase the time and resources needed to kill them if they are first subdued. If you can withstand their attacks or paralyze them, it is more efficient to use only magical attacks. When killed they have a 5% chance to drop 19 - 190 gold, 40% magic item or potion, 50% low-quality item, 85% magic armor or weapon.

"With the exception of a Lich, these are perhaps the most feared of all creatures which prowl the land. Vampires are exceptionally intelligent, very strong, and very fast. They are immune to iron, steel, and elven weapons, and regenerate lost health points. Silver weapons do double damage, however. Because of their reclusive nature, not much else is known about these powerful undead Lords. They are believed to have spell casting ability, the ability to see invisible creatures, and the ability to command other creatures. They are a fearsome foe indeed."
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