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Hit Points 80 - 110
Damage 10 - 35
Experience HP × 45 + 5,000 (8,600 - 9,950)
STR 50 INT 50
WIL 70 AGI 85
END 60 PER 50
SPD 70 LUC 50
  • Flight
  • Spellcaster
  • Sees invisible

Wraiths are the spectres of spellcasters, they are much more dangerous than ghosts. They cast fireballs but like ghosts they will sometimes fly away when approached.

Wraiths are the spirits of long dead mages, trapped into this state either by the circumstances surrounding their death, or by being called up from the dead by a more powerful Wizard. They often are set to guard things, or to patrol different areas. It is known that Wraiths can cast spells, and will do so in order to destroy any who trespass into their domain. Wraiths also have the ability to see invisible creatures.
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