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This article lists many of the controls used to interact with Battlespire. Some may be rebound through the Controls menu by pressing Esc during gameplay. Others are hardcoded.

Unchangeable ControlsEdit

  • ESC - The Escape key cannot be bound. It allows you to back out of menus, and opens the pause menu during gameplay.
  • F1-F8 - These keys are bindable Hotkeys during gameplay. Through the Spells menu, you may bind certain spells to these keys by pressing the desired key while on the page of the appropriate spell. Pressing this key in gameplay will allow you to cast the spell immediately. You may also assign items to hotkeys through the Inventory menu. If the item is magical with an activated ability, the hotkey will automatically use the item with no need to equip it. This can be used for quick access to potions or spells from armor you don't want to degrade by wearing. If the item does not have an activated ability, pressing the hotkey will automatically equip the item.

Bindable ControlsEdit

These controls are visible in the Controls menu. They can be rebound freely. The Default keys are listed beside the name of the control. There are several option in this menu that allow you to reverse the mouse directions, and to adjust mouse sensitivity, double click rate, and turn rate. You can also switch movement style from View to Cursor. In View mode, moving the mouse moves the character's focus, as in modern day first-person games. Cursor mode disables mouselook. Instead, the cursor is always visible. As you move it to the outsides of the screen, different arrows will appear. Pressing Select will cause the character to move in the indicated direction. The movement speed via the cursor is less than when using the movement keys.

  • Inventory : F10 - Pull up the Inventory menu.
  • Automap : F11 - Open the map. Only functions on the seven story Battelspire levels.
  • Char Sheet : F9 - Open the character sheet, where Attributes, Skills, Wounds, and Spell Points are listed.
  • Chat Bar : T - Pull up a single line chat bar for sending messages in Multiplayer.
  • Chat Room : C - Opens the chat room during Multiplayer matches. In certain modes, you may click on a player's face to see their view.
  • Fullscreen : TAB - Toggles the bottom interface bar, leaving only the Health Bar, Spell Points Bar, and Compass.
  • Exit Vehicle : D - Allows you to stop piloting a vehicle you have entered.
  • Switch Weapons : A - Swap your active weapon to your secondary weapon. This takes a few seconds to complete.
  • Special Moves : SPCBAR - While holding this, moving the mouse forward does a shove attack. This can push an enemy away, and it will damage them if they are pushed into a wall or ledge. It is possible to damage yourself when shoving an enemy. Holding this key and moving the mouse backward causes your character to duck.
  • Swing Weapon : M2 - While holding this button, moving the mouse will cause your character to attack with their equipped weapon, or their fists if no weapon is equipped. Different attacks have different properties. The different attacks are left/right, forward, diagonally down, and straight down. M2 is also used for firing missile weapons.
  • Sneak Mode : S - Pressing this causes the character to move more slowly, while an icon appears to indicate you are sneaking.
  • Spellbook : F12 - Opens your list of spells. Within, you can assign spells to hotkeys and adjust the casting properties of each spell.
  • Forwards : UP - Move forward.
  • Backwards : DOWN - Move backward.
  • Left : LEFT - Strafe left.
  • Right : RIGHT - Strafe right.
  • Jump : ALT - Hold to slowly increase the distance you will jump. Your landing point will be indicated by a marker that slowly extends in front of you.
  • Turn Right : END - Rotate to the right.
  • Turn Left : DEL - Rotate to the left.
  • Look Up : INS - Tilt view upward.
  • Look Down : HOME - Tilt view downward.
  • Move Up : PG UP - Move upwards, such as while swimming or flying the balloon.
  • Move Down : PG DN - Move downwards. (counterpart to Move Up)
  • Cursor : ENTER - Hold to reveal the cursor on the screen. Allows you to click on parts of the interface, or to aim precisely in order to select a small object or aim a spell at a distant target.
  • Select : M1 - Used to interact with the world.
  • Lantern : L - Toggles your lantern. Lantern illuminates the immediate area around you, but affects your chances of sneaking successfully.