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Below is a list of features that made it to the release of Battlespire and are in the game to this day.

  • Combination adventure/action. But still a Role Playing Game.
  • Takes place on the Battlespire, meaning a small detailed world unlike Daggerfall.
  • The entire game is in the realm of Oblivion.
  • Detailed Three Dimensional environment that ranges to castles, to ruins and dungeons.
  • Uses a First Person view for a realistic gameplay experience.
  • Runs at 640x480 with 65,536 colors. (16Bit.)
  • Runs in Software mode, no 3DFX support.
  • Includes the Elder Scrolls SpellMaker.
  • Daggerfall character creation system, but improved.
  • Amazing special effects such as dynamic lighting and transparent water.
  • Fully voiced dialogue with all enemies in the game.
  • Multiplayer with options for deathmatch, team and cooperative style gameplay through a number levels.