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Mehrunes Dagon
Lord Dagon in conversation

The Exalted and Most Puissant Lord, Gerent of Dagon, Mehrunes, more commonly known as Mehrunes Dagon, is the Daedra Prince of Destruction. He is the one responsible for the invasion of the Battlespire.

Dagon is found in his hunting grounds, within a well-defended mountaintop lair. Prepared or not, you may approach. You may strike a bargain with the Prince, asking for a life in his service alongside your companion (Josian or Vatasha). If you wish to challenge the Prince and banish him to Oblivion, however, you must be prepared; to defeat Dagon, you must bear both the complete set of the Armor of the Savior's Hide and the Broadsword of the Moon Reiver, along with his protonymic ("Lehkelogah") and his neonymic ("Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepeh").



At last. I trust I find you in good health? I had wondered at your delay.

Player Response Result
[Savior's Hide] I am well, Lord Dagon, thank you, though I can't say the same for your retainers who bid me welcome. Reply 1
[No Savior's Hide] I'm very well, Lord Dagon. Very well indeed. More or less. Reply 2
[Serve Dagon] Yes. Well. A chat I had with one of your most loyal retainers, the Dark Seducer, gave me some thoughts worthy of long consideration. She gave me to think that you might be willing to grant myself and my companion our lives in return for our placing ourselves in your service. Reply 8

Reply 1Edit

Congratulations. Your Armor of the Savior's Hide protects you from the magical forces that paralyze your friend. You are well-prepared – which is exactly according to plan. Some important and valuable artifacts have long eluded my grasp, and now you thoughtfully bring them to me.

Player Response Result
I see you are well informed by your spies, the Seducers – which is exactly according to MY plan. Certainly now you think you know everything, and become careless, complacent, and overconfident. Reply 3

Reply 2Edit

I hope that you are not too much discomforted by the magical forces I have used to protect your friend from pointless struggle. In fact, I fear that these forces may render you helpless in moments. Pardon me, but in making your resistance impossible, I have only your own welfare at heart.

Player Response Result
You're so thoughtful. Excuse me for moment while I protect myself from your thoughtful hospitality. END &DagonNoTalk

Reply 3Edit

Come now. Surely a Daedra Prince can fear no harm from a humble creature like yourself.

Player Response Result
See? Careless, complacent, and overconfident, as I said. Just suppose that this humble creature knows the secret of your PROTONYMIC? As in the sorcerous abjuration: I banish you, Mehrunes Dagon, Lehkelogah, to the Wells of Oblivion? How do you like them apples? Reply 4

Reply 4Edit

WELL! I must say, I am impressed. Bravo! You are a promising student. However, I am afraid I must inform you that without my neonymic, the protonymic will do you no good. Har-har-har.

Player Response Result
Oh, dear! What a silly ass I am. Surely now you'll blast me to powder because I lack your neonymic. Nuts. But. You know? I'm feeling lucky today. So lucky that I bet I can just GUESS your neonymic. Let's see. How about? Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepe? Just a wild guess, but. Let's give it a whirl! How about: I banish you, Mehrunes Dagon, Lehkelogah, Djehkeleho-dehbe-effehezepe, to the Wells of Oblivion. Reply 5

Reply 5Edit

WHAT?! Why, you arrogant little bug. You think you can suck the power from me and cast me into Oblivion. Well, it is not so simple as that. So long as my power is anchored to this world, I can resist the outflow of my magica. If not forever, then certainly long enough to blast you and your incantation into component syllables. And consider, fool. No mortal weapon ever forged has the power to sever my anchor to this realm.

Player Response Result
[Moon Reiver] Of course. How could I be so silly to have come all this way without a weapon to sever your ties to this realm? Only a weapon forged from your own substance could ever harm you. But. Wait. Look what I have here. The Broadsword of the Moon Reiver, personally forged from your own essence for your bodyguard and paramour the Dark Seducer, who so lately has fallen in combat. Is it too much to hope that THIS weapon is the VERY WEAPON I NEED? Reply 7
[No Moon Reiver] Oh. So. I need a special weapon, or I'm doomed. That's bad. Reply 6

Reply 6Edit

Just so. Doomed. So please accept my hospitality. I have prepared accommodations for you. Modest, sparse, but exceedingly secure. Now you are mine. COME, MY MINIONS! Seize him, and take him away.

Player Response Result

Reply 7Edit

A THOUSAND CURSES! You are right, mortal. I have been a fool. Mistakes have been made. But no more. You will die now. Before more mistakes are made.

Player Response Result
I can see I've pushed you too far. I just need a few moments of respite from your terrible power. Can no one help me? Will no one protect me for just the few instants necessary to strike the crucial blow? Shucks. If only I knew how to get in touch with my old friend and ally, who owes me a favor… JACIEL MORGEN! JACIEL! BY YOUR GENEROUS OATH, I SUMMON YOU! COME NOW! THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD TIME! END DialogLink_13*

*At this point, you have approximately 2 to 3 seconds to act. You must strike Dagon with the Moon Reiver or perish. If Dagon is slain, the ending sequence plays.


[Dagon watches you smugly but says nothing.]

Reply 8Edit

Indeed. I would far rather preserve the excellent virtues of yourself and your companion, particularly in my service, but most urgently because I am moved by your valor and wit, and your loyalty to your friend. Such are the traits of the most cherished of retainers.

Player Response Result
[Female] Well, then, I so swear, on own honor, and upon the honor of my companion, who is at present unable to speak on his own behalf, to serve you, Lord Dagon, and enjoy the protection of your service, in return for your assurance of the preservation of our lives and in consideration of the favor you show us for ceasing our attacks upon your person, property, and retainers. Reply 9
[Male] Well, then, I so swear, upon my honor, and upon the honor of my companion, who is at present unable to speak on her own behalf, to serve you, Lord Dagon, and enjoy the protection of your service, in return for your assurance of the preservation of our lives, and in consideration of the favor you show us for ceasing our attacks upon your person, property, and retainers. Reply 9

Reply 9Edit

Well spoken, mortal. You have the soul of an advocate. I do so accept your homage, and the homage of your companion, and upon your terms as stated. I bid you welcome, and a long and educational life in my service.

Player Response Result
Educational? I don't much like the sound of that. END ENDFRAME_1057


  • Replies 2, 6, and 9 end with your death and the normal "Game Over" sequence and text. It appears that there may have been an alternate ending intended for the latter two (becoming Dagon's prisoner or servant), but the files do not point to a valid entry.