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Decorations are furnishing items that can be placed around the Town. They come in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

Small DecorationsEdit

Name Rarity Prestige Buying Price Selling Price Description
Amethyst Beacon Amethyst Beacon Rare +61 00000200200Gems 000043354,335Gold The beautiful purple hues of this magical beacon are as soothing as they are mesmerizing.
Apple Pies Apple Pies Rare +30 N/A 000036003,600Gold You can smell these delicious pies from across town... Seems like someone in (Town) wants to show their appreciation for all your hard work!
Apprentice's Orrery Apprentice's Orrery Uncommon +8 0002325023,250Gold 000034883,488Gold Learning the secrets of the spheres and their celestial dance is a requirement for any self-respecting mage.
Ayleid Light Ayleid Light Uncommon +20 000084508,450Gold 000012681,268Gold Made from repurposed Ayleid materials, this decoration gives off a magical glow.
Ayleid Urn Ayleid Urn Rare +29 0001262012,620Gold 000018931,893Gold This urn was found in an Ayleid tomb. It is unclear whose ashes these are, but they were given a lavish burial.
Barrels & Bushes Barrels & Bushes Common +6 000012401,240Gold 00000186186Gold People have started bringing life back into (Town), both literally and figuratively.
Beacon Beacon Common +150 0002620026,200Gold 000039303,930Gold The ruins below (Town) hold many treasures, the Ayleid crystal in this Beacon among them.
Black & Gold Stele Black & Gold Stele Epic +44 00000600600Gems 000030453,045Gold This small, timeworn Stele proudly displays the skull of an ancient hero.
Bloodfall Arena Banner Bloodfall Arena Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold This banner marks my first victory during the Grand Invitational tournament organized by Noura and her associates.
Bloodfall Banner Bloodfall Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold The Bloodfall Queen Banner carries the sigil of the gro-Batul family, who has ruled this small kingdom for three generations.
Bloodfall Banner - Black Bloodfall Banner - Black Common +150 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold The Bloodfall Queen Banner carries the sigil of the gro-Batul family, who has ruled this small kingdom for three generations.
Bloodfall Banner - White Bloodfall Banner - White Common +150 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold The Bloodfall Queen Banner carries the sigil of the gro-Batul family, who has ruled this small kingdom for three generations.
Bonfire Bonfire Common +5 000010001,000Gold 00000150150Gold No matter who you are or where you are from it is always fun to watch something burn.
Brazier Brazier Common +4 00000500500Gold 0000007575Gold This is a quiet, reflective space for townsfolk to take a breath and reflect.
College of Winterhold Banner College of Winterhold Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold The College of Winterhold can be found on Skyrim's icy coast where greenery is in short supply.
Costly Throne Costly Throne Rare +50 00000200200Gems 000049504,950Gold Winning a throne isn't easy, but holding onto one is even more dangerous.
Crystal Shrine Crystal Shrine Rare +11 000038503,850Gold 00000578578Gold No one in (Town) knows exactly what these Ayleid crystals were used for, but they seem to resonate with power...
Decorative Planters Decorative Planters Common +17 000085638,563Gold 000010281,028Gold Even without any flowers in them, this pair of decorative planters adds to the aesthetic of the town.
Dragonwood Arena Banner Dragonwood Arena Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold This banner was awarded for the masterful exhibition fight against very strong Bears, which opened round two of the Grand Invitational tournament.
Emerald Beacon Emerald Beacon N/A +150 (?)(?)Gems (?)(?)Gold The ancient Ayleids were the first to develop the enchanting techniques used to produce these magical lights.
Eternal Rest Eternal Rest Rare +150 N/A 000053105,310Gold These lights never fade. Perhaps whoever is "resting" here will actually wake up one day...
Falkreath Banner Falkreath Banner Uncommon +150 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold Falkreath is a hold in Skyrim that borders both Cyrodiil and Hammerfell. The Empire maintains a strong military presence there, especially in the town of Helgen.
Fire Pit Fire Pit Common +15 000075007,500Gold 00000900900Gold This small pit fire brings light and warmth in a simple package.
A Fool's Respite A Fool's Respite Rare +50 00000200200Gems 000034353,435Gold Sit back and relax. We'll be serving you shortly...
Fountain Planter Fountain Planter Common +11 000039103,910Gold 00000587587Gold This abandoned fountain has been converted into a decorative planter. Ironically, constant watering is required.
Frozen Battleground Banner Frozen Battleground Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold I received this banner after winning the exhibition fight against wild wolves at the start of round one of the Invitational tournament.
Garnet Beacon Garnet Beacon Rare +(?) N/A 000043354,335Gold This shining reddish light will help wayward travelers find their way back to your town.
Heroes Hall Banner Heroes Hall Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold Commemorating the exhibition fight against animated Troll statues, this banner was given at beginning of round four of the Invitational tournament.
Ice Dragon Bust Ice Dragon Bust Uncommon +(?) (?)(?)Gold 000018001,800Gold Though draconic imagery is ubiquitous in the Empire, few living souls have seen a real dragon, and their depictions are mostly drawn from imagination.
Ice Elk Ice Elk Uncommon +(?) N/A 000018001,800Gold These larger cousins of the deer, found in parts of Skyrim and High Rock, are quite shy in spite of their imposing stature.
Ice Goat Ice Goat Uncommon +5 N/A 000014251,425Gold These oft-domesticated animals are generally found on mountain slopes, though their innate curiosity will sometimes take them to lower grounds.
Ice Khajiit Ice Khajiit Uncommon +150 00000100100Gems 000014251,425Gold While covered in fur, Khajiit generally hate the cold winters of Northern Tamriel. This one doesn't seem to mind, though.
Ice Mammoth Ice Mammoth Uncommon +(?) N/A 000018001,800Gold Often found near giant settlements in the Skyrim tundra, these great woolly beasts are sometimes hunted for their valuable tusks.
Ice Unicorn Ice Unicorn Uncommon +150 00000100100Gems 000018001,800Gold Though unicorns are generally thought to be extinct, they remain a favorite subject for poets and artists. This one, at least will stay until spring.
Imperial Arena Banner Imperial Arena Banner Uncommon N/A N/A 00000645645Gold This banner celebrates my first victory of the Grand Invitational tournament's final round.
Imperial Banner Imperial Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold Behold the banner of the Empire, founded centuries ago by Tiber Septim when he conquered all of Tamriel.
Imperial Banner - Black Imperial Banner - Black Common +150 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold Behold the banner of the Empire, founded centuries ago by Tiber Septim when he conquered all of Tamriel.
Imperial Banner - Purple Imperial Banner - Purple Common +12 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold Behold the banner of the Empire, founded centuries ago by Tiber Septim when he conquered all of Tamriel.
Imperial Banner - Red Imperial Banner - Red Common +150 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold Behold the banner of the Empire, founded centuries ago by Tiber Septim when he conquered all of Tamriel.
Imperial Banner - Yellow Imperial Banner - Yellow Common +12 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold Behold the banner of the Empire, founded centuries ago by Tiber Septim when he conquered all of Tamriel.
Lamp Post Lamp Post Common +11 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold People often feel unsafe walking darkened streets, so these lamp posts will help bring light to the town and alleviate that problem.
Macabre Decoration Macabre Decoration Rare +20 00000450450Gems 000012751,275Gold A terrifying ritual was at work in Hangman's Wood, where the bones were found...
Markarth Banner Markarth Banner Rare +150 (?)(?)Gold 00000645645Gold While the Empire was distracted with the Great War, rebels captured Markarth and declared their independence. The city was soon retaken by the forces of Ulfric Stormcloak.
Memorial - Green & Gold Memorial - Green & Gold Uncommon +25 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold This is a quiet spot to remember and honor the lives lost when the town was destroyed.
Memorial - Purple & Silver Memorial - Purple & Silver Uncommon +25 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold This is a quiet spot to remember and honor the lives lost when the town was destroyed.
Memorial - Yellow & Red Memorial - Yellow & Red Uncommon +25 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold This is a quiet spot to remember and honor the lives lost when the town was destroyed.
Morthal Banner Morthal Banner Rare +150 0250 (4)250 (4)Gems 00000645645Gold Scholars say Morthal, a city in Skyrim, was named after the demigod Morihaus. He was the first to bear the Lord's Mail and helped Saint Alessia defeat the Ayleids in the First Era.
Mulberry Tree Mulberry Tree Common +9 000035633,563Gold 00000428428Gold This small tree might just bring life and hope to (Town).
Necromancer's Pool Necromancer's Pool Rare +30 00000100100Gems 000036383,638Gold This bubbling pool reeks of death, with traces of other unknown ingredients. The people of (Town) are sure to love it.
New Life Banner New Life Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold The Old Life and New Life festivals, which take place all across Tamriel, mark the end of the past year and usher in the new one, respectively.
Nirnroot Nirnroot Rare +150 00000150150Gems 000049204,920Gold Nirnroot grows along water, makes an unusual chiming noise as you get closer to it, and its magical properties have fascinated alchemists for centuries.
Old Well Old Well Common +5 00000870870Gold 00000131131Gold Townsfolk have been drawing water from this well for decades, if not centuries.
The Painful Lesson The Painful Lesson Rare +40 00000150150Gems 000019431,943Gold No way to tell if this fool learned their lesson, but at least they'll serve as an example to others.
Peridot Beacon Peridot Beacon Rare +61 00000200200Gems 000043354,335Gold On a clear night, this bright, magical green beacon can be seen for miles.
Pot of Stew Pot of Stew Common +10 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold What better way to celebrate the town's renewal than with a hearty meal?
Potted Plants Potted Plants Common +17 000085638,563Gold 000010281,028Gold Decorations like this set of ceramic pots filled with flowers add prestige to (Town) and will help draw people back.
Potted Trees Potted Trees Common +6 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold Life is returning to (Town) thanks to the hard work of its residents.
Pumpkin King Pumpkin King Uncommon +80 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold All hail our righteous gourd, lest ye be squashed!
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch Uncommon +150 000049504,950Gold 00000743743Gold A lovely patch of pumpkins, along with a few other squashes and gourds.
Riften Banner Riften Banner Rare +150 0250 (4)250 (4)Gems 00000645645Gold This town used to be one of Skyrim's major trade hubs, ruled by the black-hearted Jarl Hosgunn. The people of Riften revolted in 4E 129, burning their Jarl's castle to the ground with the man still inside.
River Snake Banner River Snake Banner Rare +150 N/A 000021002,100Gold Calling the River Snake a "bandit leader" would be an understatement. When he's not slipping through the Empire's fingers he's chopping them off with his notorious battleaxe, the Headman's Cleaver.
Scarecrow Scarecrow Uncommon +10 0000005050Gems 000049134,913Gold Usually scarecrows are made from straw and old clothing, but when you have a spare corpse lying around...
Short Shrub Short Shrub Common +8 000029382,938Gold 00000353353Gold This small shrub will add a touch of greenery to your town.
IMG Shrubs and Flags Common +9 000035633,563Gold 00000428428Gold This small arrangement of flowery shrubs and decorative flags will surely liven up the town.
Silken Eggs Silken Eggs Uncommon +0 N/A 00000450450Gold These spider eggs can be used to decorate (Town), though some townsfolk seem terrified by the idea.
Small Cedar Tree Small Cedar Tree Common +9 (?)(?)Gold (?)(?)Gold This small tree might just bring life and hope to (Town).
Small Fountain Small Fountain Uncommon +15 (?)(?)Gold 00000840840Gold Cold, fresh water from a nearby river is diverted here for the town's refreshment and amusement.
Small Torch Small Torch Common +5 000011001,100Gold 00000132132Gold This small brazier will keep the streets lit and villagers warm at night.
Solitude Banner Solitude Banner Uncommon +150 (?)(?)Gold 00000645645Gold Solitude is a large city on Tamriel's northern coast. It is an Imperial stronghold and the current seat of Skyrim's High King.
Stalwart Lightkeeper Stalwart Lightkeeper Epic +150 N/A 000078907,890Gold With its lantern and sword this statue serves as a rallying symbol for townsfolk, and a warning to outsiders.
Stonetooth Bash Chicken Stonetooth Bash Chicken Uncommon +16 (?)(?)Gold 00000975975Gold The recipe for this New Life Festival favorite is said to have originated with the Orcs of Betnikh.
Stormcloak Banner Stormcloak Banner Uncommon +150 (?)(?)Gold 00000100100Gold The Stormcloaks are a Nordic clan led by Hoag Stormcloak, whose son, Ulfric, is currently imprisoned for having openly encouraged the worship of Talos in Skyrim.
Sweet Rolls Sweet Rolls Rare +30 N/A 000036003,600Gold The people of (Town) baked these delicious treats to show you how much they appreciate everything you've done.
Tall Mulberry Tree Tall Mulberry Tree Common +12 00000666666Gold 00000100100Gold This small tree might just bring life and hope to (Town).
Tall Shrub Tall Shrub Common +9 000035633,563Gold 00000428428Gold This tall shrub, featuring a patch of lavender at its base, will add life and color to the town.
Thalmor Banner Thalmor Banner Uncommon +150 N/A 00000645645Gold This is the banner of the Aldmeri Dominion - Elven supremacists ruled by the Thalmor, who are the sworn enemies of the Blades.
Training Dummy Training Dummy Common +10 000037753,775Gold 00000453453Gold The sight of a training dummy will show the people of (Town) that you take your skill at arms seriously.
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter Epic +110 00000400400Gems 000060756,075Gold Most prefer trophies of silver and gold. Some hunt for trophies of flesh and bone.
Unicorn Fountain Unicorn Fountain Epic +37 0001680016,800Gold 000025202,520Gold Unicorns have not been seen in this area since the Oblivion Crisis but they live on in art and sculpture.
Vegetable Patch Vegetable Patch Common +8 000029382,938Gold 00000353353Gold This humble vegetable patch is a small sign that the town's fortunes are beginning to grow again.
Warrior's Field Banner Warrior's Field Banner Uncommon +0 N/A 00000645645Gold This banner memorializes the epic exhibition fight against Flame Atronachs that opened round three of the Grand Invitational tournament.
Warrior's Fire Warrior's Fire Uncommon +5 000010001,000Gold 00000150150Gold Many young people left the town to fight in the Great War and never returned. This fire burns in memory of them.
Whiterun Banner Whiterun Banner Uncommon +12 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold Whiterun is a city in central Skyrim divided into the Plains, Wind and Cloud districts, the latter of which is well worth visiting.
Wine and Music Wine and Music Rare +32 00000300300Gems 000021382,138Gold This Candelabra is decoration and source of light fit for any house or tavern.
Winterhold Banner Winterhold Banner Uncommon +12 000043004,300Gold 00000645645Gold About fifty years ago, Winterhold suffered the Great Collapse: a strange storm that pulled much of it into the sea. This once-proud city may never recover.
Witches' Cauldron Witches' Cauldron Rare N/A N/A 000045454,545Gold This cauldron looks spooky, but gives off a warm, tantalizing smell... One sip wouldn't hurt, right?
Wizard's Rings Wizard's Rings Uncommon +150 0001900019,000Gold 000028502,850Gold Half of the townsfolk insist these rings are slowly accelerating, while the other half see them slowing down. Nonetheless, all can agree these make a stunning addition to (Town).

Medium DecorationsEdit

Name Rarity Prestige Buying Price Selling Price Description
Abyssal Altar Abyssal Altar Epic +64 00000750750Gems 000042004,200Gold The Lich and the Abyss - one did not create the other, but they are forever linked, a true union of the damned.
Abyssal Hourglass Abyssal Hourglass Rare +91 000012001,200Gems 000062256,225Gold The infinite Abyss, where treasure, glory, and pain all await... in equal measure.
Abyssal Mound Abyssal Mound Epic +0 0004110041,100Gold 000061656,165Gold They say it's impossible to conquer the Abyss... but champions rarely listen.
Apiary Apiary Uncommon +121 0005650056,500Gold 000084758,475Gold The bees from an apiary will help restore the natural order and beauty to the area surrounding (Town).
Archery Range Archery Range Uncommon +36 0001370013,700Gold 000020552,055Gold An archery target is just the thing to help the residents of (Town) hone their shooting skills.
Aspen Tree Aspen Tree Common +28 000095509,550Gold 000014331,433Gold There's nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to (Town).
Ayleid Arch Ayleid Arch Epic +17 00000850850Gems 00000653653Gold Ayleid Art and architecture still have their admirers, especially among the Elves and Thalmor.
Ayleid Stele Ayleid Stele Rare +84 0003800038,000Gold 000057005,700Gold Its specific significance unknown, this style of obelisk is only found in the deepest halls of the Ayleid ruins beneath (Town).
Ayleid Warrior Statue Ayleid Warrior Statue Rare +50 N/A 000028432,843Gold The identity of the Ayleid Warrior depicted in this statue has been lost to time, but he was surely someone of significance.
Cedar Tree Cedar Tree Common +38 0001455014,550Gold 000021832,183Gold There's nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to (Town).
Fighters' Trophy Fighters' Trophy Legendary +80 000018001,800Gems 000053555,355Gold This gilded statue, representing the spirit of victory, can serve to commemorate your foes' defeat, whether in the arena or on the battlefield.
Fount of the Victor Fount of the Victor Legendary +230 000018001,800Gems 000034503,450Gold What better way to celebrate victory than to stand over the skulls of your enemies?
Frozen Heart Fountain Frozen Heart Fountain Rare +(?) N/A 000045004,500Gold Naught can thaw the frozen heart but for the flames of true love, which burn hotter than a Dwemer's forge.
Full Spire Full Spire Epic +31 00000650650Gems 000016881,688Gold Ayleid materials from under the town and other nearby ruins have been cobbled together into this beautiful decoration.
Golden Stallion Golden Stallion Legendary N/A N/A 00000100100Gold This golden horse is exactly what it seems - an outrageous display of wealth.
Haeliaran's Tomb Haeliaran's Tomb Rare +150 N/A 000096759,675Gold Haeliaran was an Ayleid warlord who died some time around the Fall of White-Gold Tower in the First Era.
Imperial Bath Imperial Bath Rare +89 00000450450Gems 000030753,075Gold While large public baths can be found in many Imperial cities, for (Town) this is an incredible and welcome luxury.
Imperial Stall Imperial Stall Uncommon +143 00000350350Gems 0001012510,125Gold Visiting officials will certainly appreciate having a place where they can receive citizens' grievances in person.
Keg of Ale Keg of Ale Uncommon +45 0001845018,450Gold 000027682,768Gold Supplying townsfolk with tasty ale should do wonders for morale.
Love's Triumph Love's Triumph Epic +(?) N/A 000066006,600Gold Love is the force that binds us all in our eternal struggle against the forces of darkness. Without it, we are lost.
Outhouse Outhouse Uncommon +21 000079757,975Gold 00000957957Gold Unlike some of the larger cities of the Empire, (Town) lacks an underground sewage system... which makes the outhouse a necessity.
Pillories Pillories Uncommon +27 000092509,250Gold 000013881,388Gold Pillories are used to hold and humiliate lawbreakers whose crimes warrant more than a stern talking to... but a bit less than hanging.
Saturalia Tree Saturalia Tree Rare +(?) N/A 000023332,333Gold Evergreen trees are often lavishly decorated for Saturalia, a Breton holiday that heralds in the New Life Festival.
Solstheim Pine Tree Solstheim Pine Tree Uncommon +(?) N/A 000023332,333Gold These tall trees used to cover most of Solstheim, until the eruption of the Red Mountain turned the island's forest to ashes.
Stone Cairn Stone Cairn Uncommon +(?) N/A 000048004,800Gold This Stone Cairn serves as a decorative monument to those who have fallen.
Tall Aspen Tree Tall Aspen Tree Common +54 0002843828,438Gold 000034133,413Gold There's nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to (Town).
Tall Cedar Tree Tall Cedar Tree Common +32 0001443814,438Gold 000017331,733Gold There's nothing quite like the natural beauty of a tree to bring some badly-needed life and color back to (Town).
Tall Pine Tree Tall Pine Tree Uncommon +(?) N/A 000021272,127Gold Like other evergreens, pine trees such as the Solstheim pine keep their needles throughout the bitter winters of northern Tamriel.
The King's Sentry The King's Sentry Epic +150 (?)(?)Gold 000032253,225Gold Death does not stop this loyal soldier from performing their duty.
Torture Cage Torture Cage Rare +(?) N/A 0001194011,940Gold Any official who openly utilizes a Torture Cage either has a strong message to send or simply enjoys watching others suffer.

Large DecorationsEdit

Name Rarity Prestige Buying Price Selling Price Description
Ancient Tree Ancient Tree Uncommon +91 0004431344,313Gold 000053185,318Gold This ancient tree has stopped producing leaves, yet somehow clings to life.
Birdsong Tree Birdsong Tree Uncommon +0 (?)(?)Gold 000035403,540Gold As spring comes, the once-silent forest awakens to the song of birds that return from warmer climes.
Blades Memorial Blades Memorial Legendary +105 N/A 000090009,000Gold An exquisite monument built in the traditional Akaviri style, the Blades Memorial commemorates all of the brave Imperial agents killed by the Thalmor.
Burning Love Burning Love Rare +0 N/A 000097509,750Gold Love is a burning flame. It can warm you on a cold night, or consume you until nothing is left but ashes.
Dragon Snow Globe Dragon Snow Globe Legendary +(?) N/A 0001248812,488Gold The Alteration and Destruction masters at the Arcane University crafted this festive seasonal display.
Emblem Emblem Epic +150 N/A 0001233812,338Gold The order of the Blades may have been outlawed and disbanded, but their legendary service to the Dragonborn emperors will never be forgotten.
Fancy Water Fountain Fancy Water Fountain Rare +150 00000350350Gems 000084008,400Gold This decorative fountain will provide the residents of (Town) with both a unique gathering space and a source of clean drinking water.
Founder's Statue Founder's Statue Legendary +184 N/A N/A This Elder Statue depicts the town's original founder, an Ayleid prince from the First Era.
Fountain of Mara Fountain of Mara Legendary +150 N/A 000093539,353Gold This statue depicts Mara, the Goddess of Love, also known as the handmaiden of Kyne.
Gallows Gallows Uncommon +57 0002312523,125Gold 000027752,775Gold Constructing these gallows will send a clear message to the citizens of (Town) - lawlessness will not be tolerated.
Gazebo Gazebo Uncommon N/A N/A 000049354,935Gold This gazebo offers a comfortable, shaded space where the citizens of (Town) can rest and relax.
Grand Saturalia Tree Grand Saturalia Tree Epic +(?) (?)(?)Gold 000044704,470Gold Keeping their needles through the most bitter of winters, evergreen trees are often associated with resilience and rebirth, core themes of the New Life Festival.
Hircine's Prize Hircine's Prize Legendary +142 000011001,100Gems 000013491,349Gold Unicorns were greatly valued by Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. So much so, in fact, that they seem to have been driven extinct by his followers.
King's Sepulcher King's Sepulcher Legendary +0 (?)(?)Gold 000075387,538Gold The King's Sepulcher pays homage to Durak gro-Batul - first Bloodfall King, grandfather to Urzoga gra-Batul, and a figure of much respect in this region.
Large Cedar Tree Large Cedar Tree Uncommon +59 (?)(?)Gold 000028882,888Gold A verdant tree provides a welcoming touch of nature within the cold stone walls of (Town).
Large Elm Tree Large Elm Tree N/A +150 (?)(?)Gold 000028882,888Gold A verdant tree provides a welcoming touch of nature withing the cold stone walls of (Town).
Saturalia Grove Saturalia Grove Rare +(?) (?)(?)Gold 000035403,540Gold In many parts of Tamriel, the New Life festival involves drinking, dancing, and giving gifts, which are often placed under decorated evergreen trees.
Spider Tree Spider Tree Epic +85 00000500500Gems 000048184,818Gold Old, dying, and downright terrifying, this Tree is a reminder that even the strength of nature will someday wither.
Sylvan Fountain Sylvan Fountain Legendary +(?) (?)(?)Gold 0001402514,025Gold The clearest, sweetest water sometimes springs from the midst of the deepest, darkest forests.
The Lich's Defeat The Lich's Defeat Legendary +150 N/A 0001038810,388Gold With the Lich defeated, his staff and armor now serve only as a monument celebrating his defeat.


  • Ancient Stone Tablet
  • Fountain
  • Lantern
  • Ysgramor Statue
  • Crypt Door
  • Armillar Sphere
  • Burnt Tree
  • Golden Flame
  • Harrada
  • Garden Statue
  • Water Well