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Released on August 29, 2019.

We're excited to announce today's newest addition to Blades: Update 1.3! In this update, you'll find new quests, and many bug fixes, new features, and improvements—such as the option to train with Staki and fixing the issue where weapons would freeze mid-swing. The full patch notes are below!

Patch HighlightsEdit

New Questline: A dark, murderous menace is threatening the kingdom. Using your wits and abilities, you must see through the intrigue and stop evil in its tracks. Once you reach level 31, you'll see a newcomer in town. Just make sure you've completed the High Treason and Cutting Off the Snake's Head quests.
New Questline: Gabrielle the conjurer needs your help! You must search for a fabled legendary Dwemer artifact… but of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds. You'll find Gabrielle once you've started the quest mentioned above.
New Quest: Reaching the very top of the wizard's tower is no easy task. Are you up for the challenge? You'll see this quest become available early on after completing the Hidden Mysteries.

New Features and ImprovementsEdit


  • Skeevers: Improved the animation Skeevers play when hit by a spell.

Armor, Weapons, and ItemsEdit



  • Tutorial: Added a tutorial on combo attacks to the Meet the Old Blademaster quest.
  • Training: Henrik no longer attacks during critical hit and combo training.
  • Training: Staki now offers the same training options as Henrik after the A Friend in Need quest.

Design and GameplayEdit

  • Abyss: The Abyss now ends at floor 150 without errors.
  • Upgrade: The Town Hall's first visual upgrade now happens at Town Level 5 instead of 4.
  • Town: Added a default name, Rivercrest, when first naming your town.

Quests, Events, and ChallengesEdit

  • Quest: Through intrigue and murder, a dark menace threatens the kingdom.

Dev Note: Players level 31 and above should keep an eye out for a newcomer in town after completing the High Treason and Cutting Off the Snake's Head quests.

  • Quest: Search for a fabled Dwemer artifact with Gabrielle the conjurer.

Dev Note: Gabrielle appears in town while playing through the other new questline.

  • Quest: Can you reach the top of the wizard's tower?

Dev Note: This quest becomes available early on after completing the Hidden Mysteries quest.

User Interface (UI)Edit

  • Settings: Better categorized control options in the Settings Menu.
  • Damage: Damage taken by the player is now displayed.

Bug FixesEdit

Armor, Weapons, and ItemsEdit

  • Weapon: Fixed a bug that made a player's weapon freeze mid-swing.
  • Potion: Fixed a bug in the inventory's potions list that made restoration previews persist when going from potion to potion.

Design and GameplayEdit

  • Town: Fixed a bug that stopped players from ever naming their town again if they closed the game while doing so.
  • Character: Fixed a bug that let players temporarily change their race for free.
  • Challenge: Fixed text issues on challenge progress notifications.
  • Challenge: Fixed a text bug where a challenge to restore Magicka with potions referred to Stamina instead.

Spells, Abilities, and EnchantmentsEdit

  • Enemies: Fixed a bug that let enemies interrupt a Dodging ability with another Dodging ability.
  • Perk: Fixed a bug that applied the Maximum Power perk twice when casting Absorb.

User Interface (UI)Edit

  • Naming: Fixed a display bug on character and town names that contained foreign characters.