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Vijay Lakshman
GEN-developer-Vijay Lakshman.jpg
Role(s) Producer, Designer, Writer
Softworks tenure 1989–1994[1]
"Winning my war was never about who was right. It's about who was left"
General Valarius Galadine, Mythborn

Vijay Lakshman was a game designer and producer at Bethesda Softworks in the early 1990s.[1] He along with Julian Lefay and Ted Peterson originated The Elder Scrolls franchise with the game Arena, released in February 1994.[1][2] Lakshman authored the very first map of Tamriel, with other team members making additional contributions and refinements over his initial sketch.[3] Lakshman's original design documents and notes about the world of Tamriel, created during his tenure at Softworks, filled up to "five novels worth" of world building.[2] Lakshman was involved in the early development of The Elder Scrolls II in 1994, having authored a design treatment for an alternate version of the game set in Mournhold about Vampires and the Dark Elves, but the game was changed to Daggerfall instead at the behest of Ted Peterson,[4][5][6][7] which Lakshman continued to contribute to throughout his remaining time at Bethesda.[2] Around this time, Lakshman participated in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign ran by Julian Lefay and set in the province of High Rock about the Rise of the Camoran Usurper, wherein Lakshman played the character Vanus Galerion, who was later immortalized in Daggerfall lore books.[8]

In late 1994, Lakshman departed Bethesda Softworks to accept a producer position at Magnet Interactive Studios, passing the torch of lead designer to Ted Peterson for future games.[2][6] Lakshman has since gone on to work other buisness enterprise unrelated to video games.[1] In the 2010s, Lakshman wrote four entries of his own original fantasy series entitled Mythborn.[1] For a time in 2019, Lakshman was tertiarily attached to OnceLost Games as an executive producer, creating a new role-playing game called The Wayward Realms.[9] Currently, Lakshman is the Chief Innovation Officer at MNNT.[1]


Known ContributionsEdit

  • Arena — Lakshman was responsible for crafting the high level setting, worldbuilding, maps, dungeons, races, classes, quests, and characters.[6] Additionally, the sprite for the Jagar Tharn character in Arena was modelled off of Vijay's visage.[7]
  • Mournhold — Lakshman designed Mournhold as an expansion game to Arena, which was intended as a sort of "mix-and-match software" video game using the World of Xeen release model.[6]


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