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Help:Testing Leveled Lists


Skyrim and CKEdit

Skyrim uses leveled lists for many things, they are often deeply nested. This section describes how to perform CK tests to check the average number of items generated, the method is best suited for loot and merchant inventory lists.

Looking at a LeveledItem list in the CK, there is a button "Preview Calculated Results", that is helpful for one-time shots. But when altering the "Preview Count", all one gets is usually just all items in the result multiplied by that number. To make that more useful, first create a new test list (right click and new). Then add a new item into the list, and change it to the leveled list you want to test. Finally be sure to set the "Calculate for each item in count" flag in the test list.

Now you can set up long test series, the CK is really fast with that, so a count of 10000 is no problem. The only thing stopping even higher counts is the fact that there seems to be some kind of overflow, with even higher counts the results seem to be wrong. However the impact of the "special loot" flag is ignored by the CK.

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