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This page details the music heard in Legends. Bradley Derrick was the composer for much of the game's soundtrack.


There are many tracks.

Title Length Expansion Notes
Adventure_1_Pregame_Ambience 04:27 Core track
Adventure_1_Pregame_Fanfare 0:52 Core track
Boss_Gameplay_Fanfare_1 00:28 Core track
Boss_Gameplay_Fanfare_2 00:29 Core track
Campaign_1_Gameplay_Ambience 05:34 Core track
Campaign_1_Gameplay_Fanfare_1 00:28 Core track
Campaign_1_Gameplay_Fanfare_2 00:30 Core track
Campaign_1_Gameplay_Fanfare_3 00:32 Core track
General_Deckbuilder_Ambience 05:12 Core track
General_Deckbuilder_Fanfare 01:05 Core track
General_Gameplay_Ambience 05:17 Core track
General_Gameplay_Fanfare_1 00:26 Core track
General_Gameplay_Fanfare_2 00:33 Core track
General_Gameplay_Fanfare_3 00:31 Core track
General_Pregame_Ambience 04:54 Core track
General_Pregame_Fanfare 01:16 Core track
SKY_Music_Ambient 03:04 HoS track
SKY_Music_Battle 02:31 HoS track
SKY_Music_Maintheme 02:59 HoS track
MOR_Music_Ambient 01:03 HoM track
MOR_Music_Battle 02:56 HoM track No longer in the files
MOR_Music_Maintheme 01:11 HoM track
the_elder_scrolls_legends_battle_01_v1 02:17 AW track
the_elder_scrolls_legends_battle_02_v1 02:07 AW track
the_elder_scrolls_legends_menu_01_v1 02:13 AW track
the_elder_scrolls_legends_menu_02_v1 01:58 AW track
tesl_moe_ambient_final 01:24 MoE track
tesl_moe_battle_final 01:58 MoE track
tesl_moe_fanfare_final 01:00 MoE track
tesl_moe_menu_final 01:38 MoE track
esl_oblivion_ambient_music_01 02:07 JoO track
esl_oblivion_battle_music_01 01:57 JoO track
esl_oblivion_battle_music_02 02:00 JoO track
esl_oblivion_fanfare_music 00:54 JoO track
esl_oblivion_main_menu_music 02:12 JoO track
esl_oblivion_main_menu_music_02 01:09 JoO track
End of game tracks
general_gameplay_fanfare_lose 00:14 Core track After losing a game
general_gameplay_fanfare_win 00:16 Core track After winning a game
general_gameplay_ranked_legendary 00:16 Core track After ranking up[verification needed]
level_up_theme 00:11 Core track After leveling up
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