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Lore:Alten Meerhleel

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Alten Meerhleel
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Murkmire
Appears in Arena, ESO
Alten Meerhleel ca. 2E 582

Alten Meerhleel (also called Alten Meirhall)[1] is a port settlement built on the lowlands of Murkmire, in the province of Black Marsh. The port was built as a way for the Argonian tribes to connect with the other races and as a way to appease them, the original harbormaster built a Teeba-Enoo court north of the docks.[2]


Alten Meerhleel was built by a Murkmire Argonian named Ahkur in the mid-Second Era, who felt that the tribes should work in tandem with the outside races and decided that a port like Alten Meerhleel would help. At first, the tribes did not accept it and believed that it was too close to the swamps. So as a way to appease them, Harbormaster Ahkur built a Teeba-Enoo court, which keep the tribes happy and their warriors at bay. Ahkur hoped that Alten Meerhleel would evolve to the likes of Lilmoth[2] and despite its small stature, the port saw quite a few shipments and travelers from Lilmoth, and the Teeba-Enoo court became a popular attraction for the local tribes.[3][4]

When the Imperials mapped out settlements across the province, they localized some names and henceforth, Alten Meerhleel was known as Alten Meirhall on official maps.[5] During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the village of Alten Meirhall was an active settlement. It was ruled by Lady Judiana and had a rivalry with Longmont.[1] Alten Meirhall is neighbored by several settlements, including Lilmoth to the southeast, Longmont to the far west-northwest, and Moonmarch to the far west.[6]


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