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Lore:Battle of the Moesring

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The Battle of the Moesring was the final stand between the Nords and the Snow Elves which took place in the Moesring Mountains of Solstheim. Ysgramor and his heirs had driven them from Skyrim, and the Nords sought to drive them from Solstheim also. As was the case with all of the great skirmishes of Solstheim, the Nords dominated the battlefield with their superior weapons, and it was said that the slopes of the Moesring "ran red with Elf blood".[1]

The turning point came when the Snow Prince rode into battle on a "brilliant steed of pallid white". He parted the ranks of the elves and swooped into the Nordic forces. He killed many with his spear and his ice magic, including Ulfgi Anvil-Hand, Strom the White, Freida Oaken-Wand, Heimdall the Frenzied and Jofrior. Finna, the daughter of Jofrior, watched as the Snow Prince killed her mother. In her rage, she threw Jofrior's sword at the Prince, which struck him in the breast and killed him. With their savior lost the Elves fled the battle, and the Nords cut down any who remained. An account of the battle was discovered in Jolgeirr Barrow around 3E 427.[1]