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Lore:Conclave of Baal

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Map of Stormhold marking the Conclave of Baal

The Conclave of Baal was a religious temple that was prominent across Tamriel in the Imperial Simulacrum, in the late years of the Third Era. It had regional chapters across the provinces, in major cities such as Cloudrest and Dragonstar, as well as smaller settlements such as Silgrad Tower and Moonguard.[1]

Sometime during the Simulacrum, an initiate of the conclave in Stormhold sought to impress his masters by conducting a spell of total destructive potential at the Vaults of Gemin. However, their performance had failed and the senior brothers were forced to channel the magical energy somewhere else, into the vaults themselves. This event caused the stronghold to collapse and the loss of plenty of knowledge, such as the tablet that depicts Murkwood's location.[2]

Several nights later, the leader of the Conclave, Idolan Lancaster was approached by the Eternal Champion after they acquired the sixth piece of the Staff of Chaos. The warrior sought the help of the conclave to find the seventh piece in Black Marsh. Idolan offered the solution if they could retrieve the tablet in the Vaults of Gemin. After they managed to obtain the tablet, Lancaster was able to decipher its message and led them to Murkwood.[3]


  • It is never revealed who Baal is, but the closest person it could be is Molag Bal, who was known as Moloch Baal in concept art for Daggerfall.[4]

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