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Famia Mercius, one of the founders of Cyrodilic Collections

Cyrodilic Collections was an Imperial organization dedicated to the retrieval, restoration, preservation, and return of Argonian antiquities to their rightful owners in Black Marsh. Formed during the Interregnum, it was a group of historic investigators who researched and sought out antiquities stolen from the Argonian homeland. Their goal was to find those relics and return them to Black Marsh in the hopes of preserving Argonian culture and history.[1][2] The organization hoped to eventually open a museum in Black Marsh where all could appreciate Argonian relics and their history.[2]

Cyrodilic Collections relied on donations from benefactors to fund their operations. They used their funding to equip their expeditions into Black Marsh and to purchase Argonian antiquities from collectors.[3] They operated in Murkmire with an office based in Lilmoth in 2E 582.[4] Their emissaries dealt with the local tribes, and the society hired adventurers to retrieve artifacts.[5]

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