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Lore: People: M
Empress Morihatha
Race Unknown Gender Female
Born 3E 288
Died 3E 339
Reign 3E 320-
3E 339
Previous Ruler Uriel Septim VI
Next Ruler Pelagius Septim IV
Resided in Cyrodiil

Empress Morihatha was daughter of Emperor Uriel V, twin to Eloisa, and half sister to Uriel VI.[1] She married Baron Ulfe Gersen of Winterhold, which aided her brother Uriel VI's quest to tame the Elder Council, which he did by 3E 313.[1] At 25 years of age, she was described by (admittedly self-serving) diplomats as the most beautiful creature in Tamriel. When Emperor Uriel VI fell from his horse in 3E 320 and could not be saved by Imperial healers, Morihatha took the throne.[1][2] She proved to be well-learned, vivacious, and a well-practiced politician.[1] She became known as the first in a line of particularly capable rulers of Tamriel.[3]

Morihatha brought the Archmagister of Skyrim, named Welloc,[4] to the Imperial City and ordained the second Imperial Battlemage since the days of Tiber Septim.[1] Morihatha finished the job her brother had begun, and made the Imperial Province truly a government under the Empress.[1] Like her brother before her and several emperors after, she refused to allow ambassadors from the Isle of Artaeum into the Imperial City, as she was suspicious of the Psijic Order.[5] She did much to change the face of the Empire, and in 3E 331, she commissioned a second edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire,[2][6] which became known as the Morihatha Edition.[7]

The Empire had been slowly disintegrating as open revolutions and civil wars had raged unchallenged since the days of Morihatha's grandfather Cephorus II.[1] Carefully coordinating her counterattacks, Morihatha slowly took back her rebellious vassals, always avoiding overextending herself.[1] Though Morihatha's military campaigns were remarkably successful, the Council was often frustrated by her deliberate pace.[1]

One Councilman, an Argonian named Thoricles Romus, furious at Morihatha's refusal to send troops to his troubled lands, is believed to be the man who hired the assassins who claimed her life in 3E 339.[1][2] Romus was tried and executed, though he protested his innocence to the last.[1] Morihatha had no surviving children, and her sister Eloisa had died of a fever four years before, so Eloisa's 25-year-old son Pelagius was crowned Pelagius IV.[1]