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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Appears in Arena
The Unearthed Equipment Store in Rockpark

Rockpark, also known as Rockcreek, is a town in southeastern Black Marsh, located northeast of Lilmoth.

At some point prior to 3E 145,[1] the town was ruled by Lord Prufrock and was known for producing raspberries and strange scraggly weeds. However, all businesses, stores, and guilds fled the town after it was subjected to a series of catastrophes, beginning with a pestilence that wiped out Rockpark's cash crops, followed by a plague and a witch's curse.[2]

Seeing Lord Prufrock despair at the town's loss, his daughter Lady Greelina brought her pet wombat to him and claimed that it was sacred to Ius the Extremely Agitated, God of Animals. Lord Prufrock asked the wombat for a single business to come to Rockpark and never leave, but the wombat instead had Ius create an equipment store that would block the palace gate and never go away. The royal family became trapped inside the palace and resorted to cannibalism, with the wombat ironically being one of the first to go.[2]

The business blocking the palace gate was named the Unearthed Equipment Store, and was still in existence during the Imperial Simulacrum. At that time, the town was ruled by Princess Dematea. It had a rivalry with the town of Seaspring, located far to the northwest.[3] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Branchgrove to the north, and Lilmoth to the southwest.[4]