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Drinkware includes cups, mugs, beer steins, portable water bottles, and other dishes used for ingesting liquids.

Name Description Image
Dragonguard Stein A ceramic mug with the Dragonguard insignia printed in gold. MER-dishes-Dragonguard Stein.jpg
Legends Heat Changing Mug A ceramic mug featuring a Blood Dragon from Legends. MER-dishes-Legends Heat Changing Mug.jpg
Storm Cloak Heat Changing Mug A ceramic mug with the Stormcloak's heraldry printed on it. MER-dishes-Storm Cloak Heat Changing Mug.jpg
Thieves Guild Heat Changing Mug A ceramic mug with the Thieves Guild's insignia printed on it. MER-dishes-Thieves Guild Heat Changing Mug.jpg
ESO Lore Book and Flask Set A stainless steel flask with 2 matching stainless steel shot glasses and a case disguised as a book. Flaunts the Ourobouros logo. MER-dishes-ESO Lore Book and Flask Set.jpg
Naryu's Swords Glasses Set Available in the "Naryu Virian" Loot Crate season. MER-dishes-Loot Crate Naryu's Swords Glasses Set.png