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This is a list of official plugins released by Bethesda exclusively for the PC version of Morrowind. Helm of Tohan was originally released online as a free pre-order exclusive, while the rest were published by Bethesda on their website. None of the minor plugins can be obtained from the official website anymore, but they can still be downloaded directly from the links on this page. The major expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon can be obtained separately on PC, and are also bundled with the Game of the Year Edition on PC and Xbox.

The minor plugins are not available for Xbox and have usually not been included with any PC release of the game, including the Game of the Year Edition and the Steam digital release. The exception to this is the GOG digital release, which bundles the plugins with the GotY Edition. They are turned off by default with the GOG version and must be toggled on in the launcher's Data Files menu.

Plugin File Description
TR-icon-armor-Adamantium Helm.png Helm of Tohan
The Adamantium Helm of Tohan is a rare and powerful artifact lost in the Sheogorad Region. Travel north to Dagon Fel to find out more about this legendary helm.
MW-icon-misc-Lute.png Entertainers
Speak with Dulnea Ralaal in Balmora, Eight Plates on the topic "entertain the patrons". She will give you options to tell jokes, dance the high-kick, play the drum, play the lute and sing, or juggle.
MW-icon-Bitter Coast Sounds.png Bitter Coast Sounds
Let the gentle chorus of swamp wildlife draw you further into the mire throughout the entire swampy region of the Bitter Coast. You'll find dragonfly creatures now inhabit the muck ponds along the coast.
MW-icon-Area Effect Arrows.png Area Effect Arrows
Visit Aradraen the Fletcher in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks for the world famous area effect arrows exclusive to her shop.
MW-icon-misc-Master Index.png Master Index
This is a quest to find the ten propylon indices. In return for completing this quest, you will receive the Master Index, allowing the [sic] you to travel to any propylon chamber, or return to the Caldera Mages Guild from any propylon chamber.
MW-icon-LeFemm Armor.png LeFemm Armor
LeFemm Armor, specially tailored for the ladies, is on sale at the Fighters Guild in Vivec, from Sirollus Saccus in Ebonheart, the Redoran Vaults, and the lady smiths in Ald-ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Ald Velothi.
TR-icon-armor-Adamantium Cuirass.png Adamantium Armor
A new shipment of hard to find Adamantium Armor has arrived in places across Vvardenfell.
MW-icon-Siege at Firemoth.png Siege at Firemoth
The island fortress of Firemoth was taken by the skeleton army of Grurn years ago. It's time to take it back.

Full Expansions

These expansions were first available as separate purchases, and then bundled with the full game in the Game of the Year Edition.

Expansion Description
  Tribunal Travel to the capital city of Mournhold to investigate attacks on your life and explore the vast ruins hidden below the city.
  Bloodmoon A new Imperial colony has been started on the island of Solstheim in the north. But complications arise as the Hunt of Hircine is underway.


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