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Online:An Introduction to Circle Correspondence

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Book Information
An Introduction to Circle Correspondence
ID 6309
Collection Western Skyrim Register
Found in the following locations:
An Introduction to Circle Correspondence
Primer explaining another use of the Antiquarian's Eye

Welcome to the Antiquarian Circle.

As a newly-inducted member of our prestigious order, you likely have many questions. Please read the following primer on arcane correspondence.

As every traveler knows, the sheer breadth of Tamriel makes everyday communication difficult. Letters sent via courier often arrive late or damaged, if they arrive at all. Parcels shipped by caravan are routinely waylaid by brigands. Given the sensitive nature of our work, these crude methods of correspondence are unfit for our needs. Luckily, our prestigious founder, Tjurhane Fyrre, devised a clever way to transmit messages over long distances. Your Antiquarian's Eye is the key.

The Antiquarian's Eye you acquired during orientation shares a powerful bond with our central, or principle Eye here at the Gwylim Annex. Using this central Eye, our chief arcanist, Gabrielle Benele, can conjure up ghostly images of every antiquity you uncover. This allows our dutiful scholars to start examining the object from afar almost immediately!

Within a short period of time, Gabrielle will transmit our findings directly to your Eye, allowing for quick notation in your Antiquarian Codex. Given the complexity of the enchantment, these missives will be brief, but hopefully informative.

At this point, it is prudent to remind you of the priceless nature of your Antiquarian's Eye. Even after months of careful study, we have only scratched the surface of its capabilities. So, please exercise caution when using it!

If you have any additional questions, please contact Gabrielle Benele. Good hunting!

-Verita Numida