Online:Grand Master Crafting Harvester

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ON-icon-achievement-Master Woodworker.png Apprentice Crafting Harvester
ON-icon-achievement-Master Woodworker.png Journeyman Crafting Harvester
ON-icon-achievement-Master Woodworker.png Expert Crafting Harvester
ON-icon-achievement-Master Woodworker.png Master Crafting Harvester
ON-icon-achievement-Master Woodworker.png Grand Master Crafting Harvester
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 5 each
Dye Dragonthorn YellowDragonthorn Yellow
Hyacinth PinkHyacinth Pink
Jute GreenJute Green
Raw Hide TanRaw Hide Tan
Kresh Flower RedKresh Flower Red
Furnishing(s) Harvester's Herbs (000010001,000 Gold)
Harvester's Ore (000010001,000 Gold)
Harvester's Critter Trap (000050005,000 Gold)
Harvester's Garden Shrub (0001000010,000 Gold)
Harvester's Woodpile (000010001,000 Gold)
Harvest any crafting materials [10 / 50 / 100 / 1000 / 10000] times.

Grand Master Crafting Harvester and its preceding achievements are awarded for harvesting crafting nodes. This includes Alchemy Solvents and Reagents, Blacksmithing Materials, Clothing Materials, Woodworking Materials, and Runestones.Provisioning items as well? To receive credit, you must harvest all items at the node, not just the ones you want. The largest achievement allows you to purchase a number of furnishing items for your home. They can be purchased from various crafting merchants as seen below:

Item Price Purchase From
Harvester's Herbs 000010001,000 Gold Alchemists
Harvester's Ore 000010001,000 Gold Blacksmiths
Harvester's Critter Trap 000050005,000 Gold Clothiers
Harvester's Garden Shrub 0001000010,000 Gold Clothiers
Harvester's Woodpile 000010001,000 Gold Woodworkers