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Archimbert Dantaine
Location Outside Wormroot Depths
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Archimbert Dantaine

Archimbert Dantaine is a Breton scholar found outside the ruins of Wormroot Depths.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

As you approach him by his camp, he greets you.

"Well met, traveler. Archimbert is the name. Though most just call me Bert. You're welcome to warm yourself by my fire."

Talk to him.

"Even in the south, I can't seem to keep these old bones warm. Heh! Share my fire if you like, as long as you bring no trouble with you. This war is for younger men than I."
What are you doing here?
"Studying the ruins—the Ayleid Well, specifically. It's said the light from Ayleid Wells has rejuvenating properties. I'd hoped to discover whether the light could be stored in a container such as this."
What did you discover?
"Nothing as yet. I found the ruin crawling with Worm Cultists. I'm just an old man, more at home in books than battle, so there was no way I could reach the Ayleid Well on my own.
Still, I hoped they'd have cleared out by now."
I can reach the Well. Let me help you.

This starts the quest.

"I couldn't ask you to risk your life, but you look like you can handle yourself, and truthfully, I wouldn't mind if the Worm Cultists found themselves in a little trouble.
Take this crystal and use it to gather the light from the Ayleid Well."

You can ask him some questions after accepting the quest:

Can you tell me what this Ayleid Well looks like?
"It'll be hard to miss. It's not outside the ruin, so it's likely in a grand chamber and heavily guarded. Be wary."
What does the Worm Cult want with this place?
"How should I know? Do I look like a man who contemplates evil deeds in darkness? I'm too old for a world grown so strange."

Return to him after filling the crystal.

"Ah, you return! And I can sense the Ayleid energy you carry, so I don't even need to ask whether you were successful. I hope you caused plenty of trouble for the Worm Cultists."
Here, take your crystal.
"Ah, thrilling. I can just imagine the heroics. I'm sorry—most of the pleasures of old age are vicarious.
At least I still have my research, which you've helped immensely, I must add. Thank you."

If you talk to him again after finishing the quest, he says:

"Once I publish my research, you will be able to read all about my findings. I'll be sure to acknowledge your contribution!"


  • Despite Archimbert Dantaine saying the Wormroot Depths are filled with Worm Cultists, the inhabitants are instead Daedra.
  • He wrote a note.