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Hilo Sylla
Home City Rimmen
Location Baandari Caravan Stop
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Scholar
Hilo Sylla

Hilo Sylla is an Imperial scholar who can be found standing behind Recruiter Ultholon at the Baandari Caravan Stop in Rimmen. He is obsessed with Dragons.


"Ah, a hero! You've fought these Dragons, right? If I could just scrape your armor for salivary residue, or maybe just examine the claw marks …. It would only take a month or two! Promise!"
"The Dragons are endlessly fascinating, wouldn't you agree? How do they fly, given their prodigious size? How do they breathe fire? So many questions!"
"Dragons! Real Dragons! I can scarcely believe it! If I could study just one of their scales and rush a treatise into print … Mara's heart, I could win the Gwylim Prize!"