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Online:Hircine's Hunt Face Markings

Elder Scrolls Online: Head Markings
After hunting some of the most threatening prey within Hircine's grasp—perhaps even under the Blood Moon—that Daedric prince's scarlet sign of approval now scores your face. Any who would become your quarry would do well to think twice.
Hircine's Hunt Face Markings
ON-icon-head marking-Hircine's Hunt Face Markings.png
Hircine's Hunt Face Markings
Type Head Marking
Acquired From Preview Crate: Nightfall
Reward Level Epic
Price 0004040 Crown Gems
020002,000 Seals of Endeavor

The Hircine's Hunt Face Markings were available as an Epic-level award in the Nightfall Preview Crate, available to those who pre-purchased Greymoor.