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Hofgrad Kjisorssen
Home Settlement The Stitches
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Hofgrad Kjisorssen

Hofgrad Kjisorssen is a Nord found in the Stitches along one of the cliff paths. He was cursed into static servitude by his master—a collector of cursed objects—and can only be freed once he has recovered all of his master's missing possessions.

He wrote the Reward for Stolen Wine flyer and will compensate whoever returns his master's cursed wine bottles.

Related QuestsEdit


If he is spoken to before collecting the missing wine bottles, he mention it is a nice day for a walk despite the danger.

"A beautiful day for a stroll in the Scar, heh?
As long as a Dragon doesn't swoop out of the sky and eat you. That would certainly ruin an otherwise nice excursion."

The ConnoisseurEdit

When you have recovered the wine bottles, you can speak with Hofgrad who will be surprised of the apparent lack of effect they have on you.

"Have you found one of my master's treasures?
He's always interested in reclaiming what is rightfully his."
I found three bottles of wine.
"Really? You look surprisingly sane for someone who touched all three bottles. You must be incredibly resistant, or … well, it's none of my business.
I cannot thank you enough. My master will be very pleased. I hope you didn't run into any trouble."
I found a dead body.
"Just one? The last person who returned these bottles found them under a pile of corpses. He was so affected by the wine that he purportedly spent the rest of his existence atop that mass of bodies.
Fortunately, you seem to be immune to the curse."
The wine bottles are cursed?
"My master is a connoisseur of cursed collectables. Wine. Jewelry. Paintings. People.
Here is your reward. If you find more cursed items, please bring them here. I still hope that if his collection grows large enough, he'll no longer need me in it."

If you speak to him again, he'll have a little more to say about himself.

"Thank you again for returning my master's wine. If someone brings me the rest of his cursed collectables, he might finally let me leave this place."
You collect cursed items. Are you cursed, too?
"I stole a cursed book from my master, and was punished by being trapped in this exact place, waiting to receive other stolen items.
I've stared at this same wall of rocks for years, dreaming of using my legs again. If only to jump from this cliff."
Who is your master?
"Never say his name, stranger. His name is more horrible than any curse."