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Location The Seeker's Archive
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Star-Gazers (Formerly)

Ibrula is a Redguard and a former Star-Gazer found in the ruins of The Seeker's Archive.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you approach, you'll hear her murmur, "When did these accursed soldiers appear? Have I been gone so long?"

When first spoken to:

"I can't tell you how relieved I am to find you. I'm Ibrula—a friend of the Star-Gazers.
I'm trying to gain entry to this temple, but the Celestial Warrior's army of Anka-Ra have sealed the door. I need help to get past them and disable the seals."
Why are you trying to enter the temple?
"I believe the temple holds the secret to ending the Celestial threat.
A vast library called the Seeker's Archive waits inside. I've visited it before, looking for answers to impossible questions. But since the Anka–Ra appeared, the way is sealed."
Do you have any idea how to unseal the temple?
"The temple door can be opened by activating beams in the surrounding ruins.
We need to find the source of the beams and activate them to open the door. But we must be careful, as powerful Anka–Ra surely guard these locations."
I'll search the ruins for a way to activate the beams.

After accepting the quest:

"We must find a way to defeat the Anka–Ra and activate the beams that open the temple door.
Then we can enter the Seeker's Archive and find the knowledge to defeat the Celestials."
I have some questions.
"I can't promise that my answers will satisfy. Craglorn has always been a harsh place and desolate. Much of Craglorn's history has long since passed into myth."
What do you know about the Anka–Ra?
"That is one of the questions I hoped to answer within. They appear to be neither living nor dead, but not exactly undead either. Cursed.
It's said that the Celestial Warrior controls them, but I sense that's only part of the story."
What do you mean?
"This temple is a good example. The Anka–Ra crawled out of the ground all around it, and started guarding it as if—well, as if they were just picking up where they left off when they died.
I believe they are deeply connected to Craglorn, somehow."
Tell me more about the Seeker's Archive.
"The Seeker's Archive is another of Craglorn's many mysteries. An astonishing library, left mostly untouched for centuries, built by unknown hands.
The temple atop the library is Yokudan in origin, but some of the books pre–date even the Yokudans!"
How did you discover it?
"Call it chance, or fate. I was once a Star-Gazer, searching the stars for signs and prophecies.
Little did I realize that the knowledge I sought was not in the sky above, but in the ground below."

Once inside the Seeker's Archive:

"Now that we're inside the temple, there's something I must tell you.
The Seeker's Archive holds reserves of secret knowledge, but I didn't tell you the reason for this."
What's the reason?
"The Seeker's Archive is no ordinary library. It's actually a shrine to Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Lord of Knowledge."
This is a Daedric shrine?
"Yes. It was built centuries ago—long before the Yokudans came to Hammerfell.
I've been visiting the shrine for several years now, offering relics to Hermaeus Mora in exchange for secret knowledge."
Why didn't you tell me this sooner?
"I'm sorry, but I wasn't sure you would help me if you knew. Not everyone has an open mind where Daedric Princes are concerned.
But I do seek knowledge to defeat the Celestials. That much is true. I believe Hermaeus Mora can provide that knowledge."

She can then be asked more questions:

How do you know Hermaeus Mora will tell you anything?
"The followers of Hermaeus Mora who worshipped here were called Seekers.
The Seekers brought gifts to the shrine, and the Daedric Prince rewarded them with secret knowledge. I carry a relic from the Dragontail mountains for just such a purpose."
Do you worship Daedra?
"I do what I must. Hermaeus Mora is not like other Daedra. He may seem cruel at times, but he's not irrational.
He's only interested in knowledge. If bringing him gifts will save Craglorn from the Celestials, then so be it."

if you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Hermaeus Mora's shrine is in the deepest part of the archive. I have an unusual relic from the Dragontail mountains to trade for the knowledge of the Celestials. I hope it's enough."

When you approach the shrine, she will speak to her Prince:

Ibrula: "Prince of Fate, Lord of Secrets. Your Seeker, Ibrula, has returned to you.
Hermaeus Mora: "Approach me, Seeker."
Ibrula: "Your offering, my lord. A relic from the Dragontail mountains, covered in runes of an unknown language.
Hermaeus Mora: "Your gift is accepted. Tell your companions to approach me."
Ibrula: "Hermaeus Mora wants to speak with you. Approach his statue.

Before speaking to Hermaeus Mora, she'll remark:

"Hermaeus Mora is waiting to speak to you. Just approach his shrine and listen to what he has to say."

After speaking to Hermaeus Mora:

"I am sorry for the deception. I was uncomfortable dealing with a Daedric Prince. And, I admit it, I was afraid.
I have since embraced my role. Hermaeus Mora's curiosity is insatiable, but his knowledge reaches beyond mortal understanding."
What will you do now?
"I will continue my quest to find relics for my master and acquire the knowledge to defeat the Celestials.
You might do the same. If you find curious relics from Craglorn's lost history, bring them here and Hermaeus Mora will reward you."

If you speak to her after the quest, she says the following:

"Thank you for helping me reach the shrine. I would not have been able to do it without you."

This is also the line she'll greet you with once the quest has reset the next day. You can ask, "Why are you trying to enter the temple?" and the dialogue repeats.