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Jekka-Wass Vozei
Location Xinchei-Konu Monument
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (At the end of "Ritual of Change")
Reaction Friendly
Jekka-Wass Vozei

Jekka-Wass Vozei is an Argonian found at the Xinchei-Konu Monument. He is responsible for watching over the ancient calendar. Unfortunately, the tablets that make up the calendar have recently been stolen and he is looking for someone to help retrieve and restore them.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Monument of ChangeEdit

When he is first met, he will say:

"Many apologies, traveler, but the Xinchei-Konu is not able to take visitors at this time."

If you have already collected one of the needed tablets, he will instead say:

"If you have a tablet, feel free to place it back into the Xinchei-Konu."

The dialogue then proceeds:

The Xinchei-Konu?
"Did you not come to see the monument?
The Xinchei-Konu is an ancient calendar. Each of its twelve tablets represent a month in the year's cycle. Unfortunately, all of these tablets were recently stolen."
Do you have any clues where they are?
"That's the sting. The thief left behind a book of riddles, describing each tablet's location.
However, I must admit that I am … unfamiliar with much of Murkmire. It took me days to piece together the first tablet's location."
I can help you find the tablets.

You can then ask additional questions:

"I erect the spine of thanks! You'll find the first tablet in the belly of the miregaunt that lurks near the infamous Blackrose Prison.
Feel free to take the book of riddles to help in your search. It does me no good."
Tell me more about the calendar./I see. Tell me more about this calendar.
"The Xinchei-Konu is not merely a calendar. It is a powerful ku-vastei; a catalyst of needed change. When seeds must grow, it gives us rain. When sprouts sink in mud, it brings the sun.
As jekka-wass, it is my duty to watch over the monument."
So the calendar can change the weather?
"That is one of its purposes, yes. It would take a hundred tongues a hundred years to speak all of the Xinchei-Konu's secrets.
It is one of the few remaining monuments from our Days of Stone-Nests."
Days of Stone-Nests?
"The Days of Stone-Nests is one of the many terms used to describe the period of time when the Saxhleel created xanmeer, with the foolish notion that we could build that which time would not change.
We have now learned better, of course."
Why would the thief leave a book of riddles?/All right. Now, why would the thief leave a book of riddles?
"To mock me, I'm sure. After all, I lack both the knowledge and means to seek out the tablets myself.
The sooner you aid me in this, the better. I would rather suffer a thousand mire-gnats than the disapproving gaze of Nisswo Paraxeeh."
Nisswo Paraxeeh?
"He who held the title of jekka-wass before me. Now he is a nisswo, a priest of Sithis. It was Paraxeeh who taught me all I know.
I cannot let him know I failed him in such a way. I simply couldn't bear the shame."

Once you have returned with the first calendar tablet, he will say:

"How joyous it is to see you return unharmed! Tell me, were you able to find the Vakka tablet?"
Yes, I placed the tablet into the calendar.
"Most excellent! Only eleven more tablets, and the Xinchei-Konu will be complete. And though I can no longer aid you, I do wish you luck.
Please, take this reward. You have done much to earn it."

Searching For the TabletsEdit

While there are still missing tablets, If you speak to him, he says:

"If you have the tablet, feel free to place it back into the Xinchei-Konu."
Tell me about these tablets.
"Each tablet represents a month in the year's cycle. Vakka, Xeech, Sisei, and so on. As with the dryskin calendar, there are twelve months in total.
Without these tablets, the Xinchei-Konu is powerless."
Can you tell me more about these seasons?
"I will do you one better, actually. I have recently written a book on the subject, The Seasons of Argonia. It's right there on my desk.
Feel free to have a look, and please, let me know if you have any notes."

Ritual of ChangeEdit

Once you have recovered and placed all the tablets, you can speak with him again. He will thank you for finding them but then admits he needs additional help for the next part.

"What a sun-blessed hour this is! All of the tablets have been returned.
Now, there is one more task before the Xinchei-Konu is fully restored. I must evoke the Vastei-Sei, otherwise known as the Ritual of Change."
Anything you need from me?
"Unfortunately, I am … unsure of the components needed to complete the ritual.
Will you ask the aid of my mentor, Nisswo Paraxeeh? He watched over the monument before I was granted the honor, but now serves as a priest of Sithis."
Where will I find him?
"Paraxeeh travels among the tribes, spreading the dark word. Last I heard, he was headed to the Bright-Throat Village. You'll most likely find him there.
And please, do not mention the theft. I'd rather my mentor not learn of my incompetence."
All right. I'll search for Nisswo Paraxeeh in the Bright-Throat Village.
"I am once more indebted to you, beeko.
Should Paraxeeh grow suspicious, tell him I wish to write about the ritual in my newest book. That should suffice."
Why do you need to conduct this ritual?
"The Xinchei-Konu is no mere collection of carved stone. It is the will of change, the force which pushes through stagnation.
The Vastei-Sei will spark that power once more, connecting all back to one."

The Vastei-SeiEdit

Once you have found the ritual component and brought them to the Xinchei-Konu, you can speak to him.

"Welcome back. Dare I hope that Nisswo Paraxeeh agreed to help?"
Yes, he told me to gather these ingredients. He also knew the tablets were stolen.
"Ah. Well, I suppose word does travel. I will have to speak to him once the ritual is completed.
But for now, I am afraid I must beg your help once more."
What do you need me to do?
"Very little, I promise!
I've combined the ritual components together. You must place the mixture into the ceremonial bowls as I say the incantation."
I'll help you with the ritual.
"It worked! The Xinchei-Konu changed the weather!"

Afterwards, he will walk into the center of the Xinchei-Konu to begin the ritual.

Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Vakka reelsh vastei buseek xal!"
<You fill the west bowl with the ritual components.>
Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Delaw ruheeva wuxa vastei bok tar-sakka!"
<You fill the east bowl with the ritual components.>

When the second bowl is filled, green orbs will appear above the Xinchei-Konu and it will start to storm.

<He looks up at the storm he created.>
Jekka-Wass Vozei: "It worked! The Xinchei-Konu changed the weather!"

After this success, He can be spoken with.

"The ritual worked! The Xinchei-Konu has regained its power once more."
Yes, seems it all worked out.
"And it's all thanks to you. You've helped me greatly throughout this entire ordeal. I hope you find this a suitable gift for all of your troubles!
And feel free to visit the Xinchei-Konu whenever you please"

A Meeting between Student and MentorEdit

Nisswo Paraxeeh and Jekka-Wass Vozei

After you have completed the quest, the localized storm will dissipate.

Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Huh? That's strange. I thought the effect would last much longer."

Nisswo Paraxeeh will arrive with some … words for Vozei.

Nisswo Paraxeeh: "I see you were at least able to perform the Vastei-Sei successfully. Surprising, to say the least."
<Vozei walks over to him.>
Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Why the cutting words, Paraxeeh? All I did, I did according to your teachings?"
Nisswo Paraxeeh: "Did I teach you to beg an ojel to perform your duties? You should have collected those tablets, Vozei! How could you not see that?"
Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Was … was it you who stole the tablets, Paraxeeh? Why? Why would you desecrate the Xinchei-Konu in such a way?"
Nisswo Paraxeeh: "If you had your eyes towards your people, and not only towards your books, I would have no need to take such actions. This was a lesson, Vozei. A lesson you failed."
Jekka-Wass Vozei: "But … but was able to perform the Vastei-Sei!"
Nisswo Paraxeeh: "Only for a moment. One of such weak will can never truly be a catalyst of change. Hmm. I suppose another lesson will now be in order."

Paraxeeh will then walk off while Vozei gets an idea what he may do.

Jekka-Wass Vozei: "Paraxeeh? Wait! Don't tell me you're going to steal the tablets again!"

He will then run after his mentor and they both disappear.


Eventually, he will return to the monument with a new outlook on things.

"I have learned much through this ordeal.
It is not enough to simply read the unmoving letters of books. I must also venture out into the world, and learn from the moving words that my people speak."