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Location Outside Sunscale Strand
House Looks-Under-Rocks' Hut
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Looks-Under-Rocks is an Argonian researcher found at the ruins of Sunscale Strand. He owns a small mud hut, where he lives along with two other Argonians; a female named Klumuk and a male named Kud-Lan. His home is found not far from Sunscale Strand, just off the path directly north of the location.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Buried in the PastEdit

When you approach him at his camp, he will warn you:

"Careful traveler. Nasty pirates ahead."

He would like to enlist your help to retrieve Argonian relics before the Renrijra pirates get to them first:

"You're not with the Renrijra pirates, are you? No, you don't have their stink.
I could use some help, and I swear by the sap of my Hist that it won't do your purse any harm."
What do you mean?
"The Renrijra are 'stab first, talk later' types. You're something else.
What a pity. If you were a pirate, you'd know how to get what Barvyn and I came here for."
You're after the pirates' treasure?
"Believe it or not, Barvyn and I are researching Argonian ruins, and the pirates are in our way. I'm sure they have plenty of loot, but that's not what we're after.
If you're interested, ask Barvyn to fill you in. He's watching the lower road."
I'm interested.

You can ask a bit more about the relics before you head over to Barvyn:

"Barvyn is near the log bridge to the pirate camp. He's been watching them, waiting for our chance to get those relics."
Tell me more about these relics.
"I would if I could!
The relics here date from before my people stopped building xanmeers and started living in mud huts. We know they're an important link to my people's past."

If you were sent by his partner Barvyn, he will reveal the take the puzzle stones from the pirates:

"You don't look like one of the Renrijra. What are you doing here?"
Are you Looks-Under-Rocks? Your partner, Barvyn, sent me.
"Good! Barvyn and I need help. The pirates found three Argonian puzzle stones. Together, those stones can unlock the entrance to these ruins. We think a priceless piece of Argonian history lies inside. We want it."
If they have the stones, they'll find the treasure.

Asking more about the relics:

"Maybe not. The pirates don't know how to assemble the puzzle, but I do. Find one piece, and its magic will find the next.
Get the puzzle from the pirates and bring them to us at the xanmeer. We'll unlock their mysteries together."
Tell me more about these relics.
"I would if I could!
The relics here date from before my people stopped building xanmeers and started living in mud huts. We know they're an important link to my people's past."

Speaking to him again:

"If the pirates figure out how to use the puzzle stones, we'll be in trouble.
Barvyn might know where the Renrijra keep the stones. Talk to him."

Once you have all of the puzzle stones, you'll find him at the top of a xanmeer:

"Excellent. You found all three puzzle stones and learned how to use them.
Barvyn and I slipped past the pirates while you fought your way through the camp."
What do we do with the puzzle stones now?
"The Hist led us here. Maybe the stones sought me out because I know how to use them.
Give them to me. I can make them work, I know it. The relics must be nearby."
Here you are.
"Just as I thought. Combined, the stones become a single object: a Hist key!
Barvyn found what looks like an entrance into the ruins below, but it's magically sealed. I think this will open the door."
What will we find?
"Ancient relics. But know this: the creations of my ancestors are not toys. Many possess aspects of the Hist that were dangerous even then.
I thank you for what you've done so far, but the danger isn't over. We must proceed carefully."

If you exit the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"The relics beneath the xanmeer could be of inestimable value. We need to proceed cautiously."
What are we looking for (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

The Fangs of SithisEdit

If you haven't started the quest yet, he will say:

"We've got a mystery to solve here"

After he created the Hist key with the gemstones, you will need it to open the ruins' entrance:

"The Hist key should allow us inside the xanmeer, but we must proceed cautiously. I need to review my notes. Barvyn is at what I think is the entrance to the underground ruins."
What should I do?
"Take the Hist key to Barvyn at the entrance to the ruins. He's there now, trying to open the door, but he can't do it without the Hist key.
But that's probably a good thing."
Why is that a good thing?
"The artifacts below are dangerous. I need to review my notes and see if I can figure out what we're dealing with. Tell Barvyn to wait, or we may walk into some serious trouble."
I'll take the key to Barvyn and pass along your warning.

If you speak to him again before talking to Barvyn:

"The Hist key should let us enter the xanmeer, but we must be careful."

Once you're done talking with Barvyn, he'll enter the ruins, exclaiming:

Barvyn: "Can't wait any longer! I'm going in!"

Looks will run in from the east, calling out:

Looks-Under-Rocks: "Wait! Don't go in! Stop!"

Looks will reveal that the relics inside the ruins are dangerous artifacts from Sithis and should not be in the hands of anyone else:

"Wait, stop! There's great danger!"
What's wrong?
"My notes … that key. I figured out what's buried under the xanmeer, and it must stay buried.
Barvyn went in? We must warn him."
You don't want the relics?

You can inquire more about how to stop Barvyn and what the artifacts are capable of:

"Oh, no. We need to leave them sealed in the xanmeer, for all our sakes.
We have to stop Barvyn before he gets to the Fangs of Sithis."
What are the Fangs of Sithis?
"A blight upon the land. In the hands of my ancestors, the Fangs could be used to destroy whole villages. They turned crops to ash and created undead horrors out of my peoples' enemies.
But that's not the worst of it."
What's worse than that?
"It is said that wielding the Fangs gives you to Sithis, which casts all you are, and all you could be, into a great void.
You see, the Fangs consume the bearer's soul. The bestow you great power, but strip away all that makes you a person."
How can we stop Barvyn?
"Beat him to the Fangs! But it won't be easy. The ruins are full of traps and guardians, and Barvyn has a tremendous advantage. The Hist key will let him bypass most of these dangers.
I'm afraid I can't go with you. I'm not strong enough."
Is there any way you can help?
"Perhaps. My ancestors created the traps so that their descendants could bypass them. If you encounter a trap, the solution should be somewhere nearby.
There's no protection from the guardians beyond the Hist key, unfortunately."

Return to the conversation before leaving and he says:

How could I have let this happen? Maybe the Fangs got to Barvyn through his natural greed.
I should've known … should've warned him."

Once you've dealt with Barvyn and retrieved his Fang of Sithis, Looks will have this to say, in the event that Barvyn survived:

"You're back! Did you stop Barvyn?
And the Fangs … did you get the Fangs of Sithis?"
The Fang Barvyn took strongly affected him. He survived … but barely.
"Give me the Fang. I've got a special coffer to shield me from its magic. What happened to Barvyn need not happen to anyone else.
Poor bastard. I'm glad he survived. But he only had one Fang of Sithis? There should be two. Hmm."

If Barvyn died:

"Did you find Barvyn?
And the Fangs … did you get the Fangs of Sithis?"
The Fang Barvyn found drove him to choose death over losing it.
"Give me the Fang. I've got a special coffer that will deaden its spell. What happened to Barvyn need not happen to anyone else.
Poor bastard. I'll miss him. And he only had one Fang of Sithis? There should have been two. Hmm."

Pull the Last FangEdit

If you have not started the quest yet, he will say:

"We must get the second Fang of Sithis."

He will mention the pirates' captain has been under the influence of the second Fang of Sithis and is wreaking havoc on the crew:

"There's trouble brewing among the pirates.
I thought they were angry about the ones you killed, but it's more than that."
What makes you say that? (Leads to quest dialogue)

Continuing on from the previous conversation, you will need to take the second Fang from the pirates:

"The pirates must have gotten into the ruins. This door to the xanmeer isn't sealed.
I'll wager the commotion I heard from the pirates' ship involves the missing Fang."
If it affects them like it affected Barvyn, I wouldn't be surprised.
"I heard pirates beg Captain Nahrevii for mercy. Then, screams. That's the other Fang's influence at work.
I'll take the first Fang of Sithis to our secondary camp not far from here. Get the other Fang away from the pirates and meet me there."
I'll get that Fang.

If you speak to him again before leaving, he says:

"From the screams, it sounds like Captain Nahrevii is belowdecks.
Watch it. We don't know how long the pirates have had that Fang. They could all be crazier than wamasu."

Once you've obtained the last Fang of Sithis, he will be in another camp not far from the ruins:

"You survived! Truly the Hist guides you.
But did you succeed?"
I found the second Fang of Sithis.
"I thank you, as should all Argonians. It would have been better had the Fangs been left buried, but now they've been unearthed, we must keep them safe.
So far, you're the only person unaffected by them."
Why is that?
"I'm not sure. It worries me, but not as much as the Fangs in the wrong hands.
Here, take the first Fang while I consider what we should do with them."
All right. I hope I remain immune to them.

If you speak to him after Sharava and her Shadowscales appears, and before speaking with her:

"What's going on? Shadowscales, here? No—they can't be!"

After Sharava has made her case, you will make a decision whether to give the Fangs to the Shadowscales or consider fighting them to keep the artifacts:

"The Shadowscales want the Fangs of Sithis. There are so many of them!
But they're dangerous. The Fangs in the hands of assassins? I can't imagine anything worse."
We've seen what the Fangs can do to people. Will the Shadowscales be able to control them?
"I don't know. But even if they can, then what?
The Shadowscales undergo rigorous mental, physical, and spiritual training from an early age. Maybe they could hold the Fangs safely, but wouldn't that make them too powerful?"
I need to talk to Sharava before I decide.
[exits dialogue]
I'm not turning the Fangs over to the Shadowscales. Hold onto them. I'll protect you.
"All right. It's likely we'll both die here, but you've accomplished miracles already. Perhaps fending off a band of Shadowscales isn't beyond your power.
Give me the Fangs."
Here, take them.

If you choose not to give the Fangs to Sharava and when the Aspect of Sithis appears, you can speak to Looks:

"Sithis? Here? That can't be…."

He'll have this to say after the departure of the aspect and the Shadowscales:

"I can't believe we survived that! You made the right choice, I think. Anything else would have been disaster."
What do we do now?
"I don't know what you're planning, but I need a good, long rest. I'll head over to Hatching Pools in a few days.
You have a new weapon to try out, I think. I wish you luck, and long life!"

Before completing the quest with Sharava, if you leave her conversation and speak to him:

"While I've enjoyed finding treasures, it's probably time for me to seek a new direction."

If you speak to him immediately after completing the quest:

"My mind reels with what we've accomplished here. I can't wait to get back to Hatching Pools and spread the tales of your exploits.
Thank you!"

If you chose to give the Fangs to Sharava, after the quest, he'll say:

"I think you made the right choice after all. The Shadowscales have battled our enemies for years … I should trust them.
And I do. Their leader promised I'll be safe and I believe her. I hope to see you again, though. Take care."

If you chose to keep the Fangs, after the quest, he'll say:

"My mind reels with what we've accomplished here. I can't wait to get back to Hatching Pools and spread the tales of your exploits.
Thank you!"