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Location On the road north of Glenbridge
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Lounges-on-Moss is an Argonian who can be found on the road north of Glenbridge.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

As you approach him on the roads leading to Glenbridge, he will muttering under his breath while eating:

"Huh. Leave it to an outsider to bring a curse upon a sacred shrine."

You can start the quest by speaking to him:

"Hail, dryskin. Not sure where your feet are taking you, but if it's to the shrine down the road, I suggest you reconsider.
Nisswo Somarz has had more than enough trouble with outsiders for one day."
What kind of trouble are you talking about?
"Now, I don't know any details, but I heard that a visiting explorer and her manservant did something terrible inside the local xanmeer. Unleashed a curse, or so I heard.
Now the high priest, Nisswo Somarz, wants the woman to make it right."
Does the woman have a name?
"Calls herself Lady Clarisse Laurent. And her manservant's name is Stibbons, though they say he is not in good shape.
If she's actually going to break the curse, she'll need help, but no one will go near her while the curse infests the xanmeer."
I'll head to the shrine and talk to Lady Laurent.

You can ask him more questions before advancing the quest.

"You must have more time on your claws than I do. Plus, it's mighty brave of you to go up against an ancient Argonian curse.
Well, if you really want to help this Lady Laurent, you can find her near the shrine. It isn't too far from her."
Can you tell me anything more about the curse.
"What's to tell? Argonian curses are nothing to take lightly. Especially curses related to the ancient xanmeers.
So, as soon as I heard about it, I vacated the area with all due haste."
Tell me more about this shrine.
"Nisswo Somarz oversees the Glenridge Shrine. The place is dedicated to Sithis and attracts Argonians from far and wide. Outsiders, too, for some reason.
Maybe it's the xanmeer. There's one of those stone monstrosities close to the shrine."
A xanmeer?
"You know, those great stone step pyramids that rise out of the Black Marsh swamps. Our misguided ancestors built them for some reason. The one near Glenbridge has always been a curiosity and was relatively safe to explore.
Until the curse that is."
How do I get to the shrine?
"Just keep following the road. If you see a xanmeer, you're going in the right direction. And eventually you'll hear Lady Laurent. She's rather loud, as far as dryskins go."