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HomeĀ Settlement Sarandel's Carnival
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Sarandel is a High Elf owner of the carnival located on the road between the cities of Elden Root and Haven. Her performers are having issues adapting to the climate of Valenwood.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Approach the encampment and you'll see a distraught elfmaid:

"Please enjoy our attractions. I'm terribly sorry they're so limited at the moment."
What's the problem?
"I convinced my performers to come here, to spread High Elf culture in these lands. Bring a little piece of Summerset to Grahtwood, you see?
But the trained bugs are sick, our magician's supplies are missing, and our storyteller's stories fell flat!"
Isn't there anything you can do about it?
"None of us know the area well enough to resolve these matters. Now we're a carnival with nothing but a fortune-teller. Huzzah.
I'd gladly pay the coin provided by the Summerset Cultural Expansion Council to anyone who would help us put on the show."
I'll see what I can do.

If you decide to offer assistance, she'll add:

"My performers can best explain their setbacks. Cornar is our bug trainer, Noryon our storyteller, and Vindare the Magnificent is ā€¦ well, she's magnificent.
I have to describe her that way. It's in her contract."
I'll ask them what they need to perform.

Before helping either of the three performers, she'll say:

"Given the recent troubles in the area, the people of Grahtwood need a little entertainment to raise their spirits. Anything you can do to help my performers is appreciated."

After helping the first performer:

"Even with a single performer back on the job, I see smiling faces. I think we're starting to draw a crowd!
Whatever you've been doing, keep doing it!"

After helping two of the performers:

"We're almost there! The locals spreading the word. We just need our last performer ready to go and we'll be a carnival again."

Once you've got all three acts running, she'll say:

"Would you look at that line? We're drawing more people than in Auridon!"
What will you do now?
"We'll perform our hearts out! The Wood Elves will see there's more to the Summerset Isles than stuffy politicians.
Return anytime you wish. If there's enough call for it, we may have new performances to share!"

After completing the quest:

"These happy patrons wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your help. In these dark times, you've brought a little light into the world."