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ON-icon-achievement-Too Hot to Trot.png Too Hot to Trot
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 10
Needed for
Defeat Ozezan the Inferno without a single party member being damaged by her Firestorm in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.

Too Hot to Trot is awarded for defeating Ozezan the Inferno in Scrivener's Hall on Veteran difficulty level without anyone taking damage from the boss' Firestorm ability.

Firestorm is one of two Ozezan's "teleport" abilities:

  • Ozezan will disappear into the ground and leave pool of lava behind, then reappear in the middle
  • She will slowly charge huge area effect that will cover almost entire arena, then surround herself with flames and pull all players towards her.
  • The huge AoE effectively shows Ozezan's pull range - whoever gets caught in it, will be pulled into Ozezan's circle of fire, while those outside will be released in a safe spot.

To earn this achievement, whole group needs to pay attention to Firestorm mechanic, and stick to the walls when it happens, for the duration of the battle.