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Shivering:Kishashi's House

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Kishashi's House
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Kishashi's House

Kishashi's House is the southernmost in Fellmoor, next to Relan's house.

In the entryway a bookshelf holds three samples of gnarl bark and two pod pits. In the southern area of the house two clutter barrels, a food cupboard, and two clutter sacks sit along with a table that holds two thorn hooks, two withering moons, and a sample of elytra ichor. Two bottles of cheap wine sit on top of the cupboard. A bedroom under the loft holds Ranarr-Jo's double bed, a clutter chest, and a chest of drawers that contains clothing. The loft bedroom holds Kishashi's single bed as well as two chests, one of which can contain gold and/or jewelry, while the other can hold armor and/or weapons. These two chests and the sacks are the only containers in this house that do not respawn.