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Skyrim:Bolar's Oathblade

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Unique Item: Bolar's Oathblade (000c1989)
Type One-handed Sword
Editor ID dunBloatedMansKatana
Damage Damage 11
Damage Damage 11 {{{health}}}
Speed 1
Speed 1 Reach 1
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 1014
Quality Tempering Quicksilver Ingot
Quality Tempering Quicksilver Ingot Perk Steel Smithing
Does 25 points of Stamina damage:
Charge/Cost = Uses 500/115=4
Bolar's Oathblade
The Statue of Talos where this weapon rests

Bolar's Oathblade is the Akaviri katana of the dead Blade Acilius Bolar. Its enchantment causes 25 points of stamina damage and twelve points of fear for thirty seconds. Tempering this weapon requires one quicksilver ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk. The improvements are doubled if you have the Steel Smithing perk.

Bolar, being the sole survivor of the fall of Cloud Ruler Temple to the Thalmor, retreated to a shrine of Talos hidden inside Bloated Man's Grotto. However, the Thalmor eventually tracked him down to his resting place to continue the systematic eradication of the Blades. Choosing to defend this ancient site and die with honor, Acilius confronted them after leaving behind his last writ and this blade.


  • The blade will not spawn during the hunt in Ill Met By Moonlight as the inside of Bloated Man's Grotto is completely altered.
    • If you haven't retrieved the blade before starting the quest, the only way to get it is to kill Sinding and not enter the grotto for an ingame month. After that time period, the cave will reset to its pre-quest contents.