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(RefID: 00019DD7)
Home City Riften
House Bolli's House
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 8 Class Citizen
RefID 00019DD7 BaseID 0001334E
Other Information
Health 108 Magicka 73
Stamina 74
Primary Skills Light Armor, One-handed, Smithing, Speech, Two-handed
Morality Any Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; Riften Bolli House Faction; Riften Fishery Faction; TownRiftenFaction

Bolli is a Nord citizen who lives in his house in Riften, and works at the Riften Fishery. He owns the fishery, and has a charitable nature, giving away much of his wealth. He is married to the unfaithful Nivenor and has, at least on one occasion, had an extramarital affair with Haelga.

He wakes up at 9am, then eats breakfast in his house for an hour. Then, at 10am, he heads outside and browses the market stalls for five hours. After that, at 3pm, he heads to the fishery to work in his office for five hours. After work, he heads to the Bee and Barb at 8pm to eat dinner. He stays there, eating and drinking, for seven hours, until he finally heads home at 3am to go to sleep.

He wears some merchant clothes, a pair of boots, and a hat. He wields a leveled dagger (up to elven quality), and carries a leveled gem, a fishery key, a house key, and a selection of upper-class items and gold.

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He's a fish-oriented man, and can greet you with:

"New in town, eh? Here for the fishing I'd guess."
"There's nothing like fishing on Lake Honrich, you should try it sometime."
"If you're hungry, Marise sells fresh fish... caught by yours truly."

If spoken to directly he can be asked questions about himself and his work:

Are you a fisherman?
"Only the best in all of Riften! I own Riften Fishery. Started out with a single fishing pole and now I have an entire building and two boats to my name. Not bad for a middle-aged Nord, eh? Too bad I haven't had the same success helping this city shed its poverty. Nivenor thinks I'm wasting my time trying, but I disagree."
You mentioned Nivenor.
"Nivenor is my wife. How I was ever able to meet such a gorgeous creature is one of life's mysteries. We're... at odds about my charity. She thinks the people in this town have become lazy and expecting a handout. I try to include her in my lessons from Maramal over at the Temple of Mara, but she prefers to shop instead. Different strokes, eh?"
You sound quite charitable.
"Yes, I suppose someone has to be around here. Have you seen the condition of this sorry excuse for a city? Beggars roam the streets, crime runs rampant and the threat of war is driving away business. The paltry amount of coin that I place in the charity box at the temple is the least I can do to help."

When exiting conversation, he will say:

"Remember to give at the temple."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Caught Red HandedEdit

During Caught Red Handed, you'll be told by Svana Far-Shield that he slept with Haelga. When you confront him with this information, he'll act shocked:

Haelga gave you a Mark of Dibella. I want it.
"I have no idea what you're talking about. I'd never sleep with anyone besides my good wife, Drifa."

You will now have to persuade him:

Option Dialogue
Hand it over and no one has to know.
Passed: "Look, it was one night, okay? I think she slipped something in my drink. I haven't even been back to the Bunkhouse since. Just take this damn thing. I never want to see it again."
Failed: "Hand what over? I have no idea what you're talking about."
Give it to me or else!
Passed: "Look, it was one night, okay? I think she slipped something in my drink. I haven't even been back to the Bunkhouse since. Just take this damn thing. I never want to see it again."
Failed: "Or else what? You don't scare me."
Never mind. My mistake. "I should say so."

Special DeliveryEdit

When asked who buys his fish, he'll present an offer:

Who buys all your fish?
"I sell my catch across a good portion of Skyrim... it's worth its weight in gold to me. The only untapped market left is Markarth. However, I just got word that Kleppr at the Silver Blood Inn [sic] might be interested. If you're headed that way, I would appreciate you delivering a purchase agreement for me. You'd be paid, of course."
Okay, I'll do it.
"Good. Kleppr will pay you as soon as you arrive with the letter. Here you are."
Maybe another time.

If you have yet to deliver the letter, he may ask:

"Did you get that purchase agreement to Markarth yet?"

Once you have delivered the letter to Kleppr, he'll say:

"Thanks again for the delivery to Markarth. What can I do for you?"

Spread the LoveEdit

He will accept a pamphlet:

Here, brother. Blessings of Mara upon you.
"Thank you. Blessings of Mara upon you as well."


Bolli can often be seen talking to his wife or other Riften citizens:

Bolli: "Nivenor, my darling. What a pleasant surprise."
Nivenor: "Oh! Bolli... yes, hello."
Bolli: "Will we be dining together this evening after my work at the fishery?"
Nivenor: "(Sigh) Yes, as usual. I'll be there."

Bolli: "Decided to show up for work today, eh?"
Nivenor: "And just what's that supposed to mean?"
Bolli: "It means I have a business to run, I need to have the books straight and you're barely ever here!"
Nivenor: "For goodness sake, Bolli! You barely lift a finger yourself when you're here except to point at things for your workers to do. Let them do the work, that's what you pay them for!"
Bolli: "(Sigh)"

Nivenor: "Bolli, I was looking at the finances and I noticed you've been donating gold to the Temple of Mara. Are you out of your mind?"
Bolli: "Maramal's been helping me through a rough patch. I just wanted to pay him back. It's not like he's keeping it!"
Nivenor: "Uh huh. I'm sure he runs outside with the coin and throws it up in the air so Mara herself can catch it. Come off of it, Bolli."
Bolli: "You may be my wife, but this is my business, so just do your job. Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of gold left over to waste on trinkets."

Bolli: "Madesi, what's this bill for 300 septims!"
Madesi: "Begging your pardon, milord. Your wife has run up quite an account in the last few months."
Bolli: "Outrageous! Who does she think she is?!"
Madesi: "I believe she's trying to look as ravishing as possible for you, milord."
Bolli: "Oh, well... I suppose that's a noble cause. I'll settle this bill at the end of the day. Thank you."

Bolli: "Grelka, I wanted to talk about that suit of leather armor you sold me. The fasteners are already coming loose."
Grelka: "Fine. It'll be five septims to repair it."
Bolli: "Why should I pay for a repair on something I just bought?"
Grelka: "All right, all right. Just bring it to me tomorrow and I'll fix it for you."

Bolli: "So while I was in Ivarstead, I heard news that something terrible happened at Helgen."
Brand-Shei: "You've heard too? They say the town was completely destroyed by a dragon."
Bolli: "If that's true, then we have much more to fear than the Thieves Guild."
Brand-Shei: "I'd still keep an eye on my purse if I was you."

Bolli: "I have two more bushels for you, Marise. That should keep you well-stocked."
Marise: "Sounds good. May I owe you for them?"
Bolli: "Of course. Say, how are you going to sell all those fish before they spoil?"
Marise: "You know I can't tell you that. As soon as I do, and you have a few meads in you, everyone will know."

Drifa: "Hello Bolli. How's the fishing?"
Bolli: "Bountiful. Although I would like to have anchored a bit closer to Goldenglow Estate."
Drifa: "Why didn't you then?"
Bolli: "When I got close, the mercenaries Aringoth hired to protect the estate just waved me off. I don't think he wants visitors anymore."

Bolli: "Wujeeta, we need to talk."
Wujeeta: "I know, I was late. I'm sorry."
Bolli: "I don't know what I'm going to do with you. I can't just let this go unpunished."
Wujeeta: "Please, don't get rid of me! I need the coin. I... I'll work for free for the rest of this week. Please!"
Bolli: "(Sigh) Very well. You're lucky Maramal has placed me in a very forgiving mood."

Bolli: "Talen my friend, up for some fishing this week?"
Talen: "I don't know Bolli. It's getting dangerous outside the walls."
Bolli: "Oh come now, what's a dragon or two compared to a day full of fishing!"
Talen: "That's not funny, Bolli. People are scared."

At the Bee and Barb, he can be seen talking to Haelga about their affair:

Bolli: "Haelga, we need to stop seeing each other."
Haelga: "Oh, Bolli you silly man. You weren't saying that when you were licking that honey off my..."
Bolli: "Haelga! That's just it. I can't keep up with you. Your Dibellan techniques... they're exhausting."
Haelga: "Is it really me, or is it your wife? You need to make a choice Bolli. The honey or her."

Haelga: "When are you going to take me away from here Bolli?"
Bolli: "I told you, I can't just pick up and leave. I have my wife, my business... not to mention you have the Bunkhouse."
Haelga: "That old place? I could care less about it. Its [sic] you I want, Bolli."
Bolli: "I... I'm sorry Haelga, I can't. Not yet."


  • On the second floor of his house there's a note regarding his marriage.
  • The Prima Official Game Guide (and a single internal name) refers to Bolli as Bolli Trout-Purse.
  • During "Caught Red Handed", when asking Bolli about his relationship with Haelga he will remark that he has never slept with any woman other than his wife Drifa. However, Bolli's wife is Nivenor.