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Skyrim:Linwe's Gloves

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Unique Item: Linwe's Gloves (00108545)
Type Light Gauntlets
Editor ID ArmorLinweGauntlets
Armor Rating Rating 11
Armor Rating Rating 11 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 483
Quality Tempering Leather
Quality Tempering Leather Perk
One-handed attacks do 15% more damage:
Linwe's Gloves

Linwe's Gloves serve as the gauntlets for the unique set of equipment used by the leader of the Summerset Shadows, Linwe. Alongside this item, this set of equipment also includes armor, a pair of boots, and a hood. As Linwe runs an organization that rivals the Thieves Guild, his equipment has some visual similarities to the versions used by the Thieves Guild. Compared to Thieves Guild Gloves, Linwe's Gloves are grayer in color. Additionally, while his gloves weigh one unit more than the Thieves Guild Gloves, it also provides an additional two points of armor, as well as being worth several hundred more gold pieces. Besides that, the basic designs of the items are the same. The armor is enchanted to fortify one-handed attacks by fifteen points. Tempering Linwe's Gloves requires a piece of leather and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

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  • Linwe's Armor, Boots, Hood, and Gloves can all be disenchanted, and their respective enchantments named Shadowthrive, Shadowstrength, Shadowsight, and Shadowstrike learned, but these enchantments cannot be applied to any items during enchanting, making the resulting XP gain from disenchanting the only benefit for doing so.