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Skyrim:Old Attius Farm

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Old Attius Farm
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Respawn Time 10 days
Ash Spawn
Console Location Code(s)
South of Raven Rock
Old Attius Farm

Old Attius Farm is an old abandoned Imperial farm on the outskirts of Raven Rock. It is located along the road exiting Raven Rock to the south, and has been abandoned since the Red Mountain erupted.

The first time you approach the farm, Captain Veleth will be battling three ash spawn. Once the ash spawn are dead, you will receive a miscellaneous quest objective to talk to the captain. Speaking with him initiates the quest March of the Dead. Outside the house is a dead Redoran guard that carries an Elven sword, bow, and arrows, and a full set of Bonemold armor (the chest armor is the pauldron version).

The Ghosts of the Tribunal Creation adds a trapdoor to the house leading to Old Attius Farm Cellar. You will need to enter the cellar during the quest Buyer Beware.

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There is little left of the farmhouse, but the plants in the two gardens still grow among the weeds. There is an empty chest on the porch, and a trama root is growing through the back wall. In the left-hand garden are ten ash yams (including one growing outside the fence), three scathecraws, and a trama root. In the right-hand garden are eight ash yams, two scathecraws, and a trama root.

There are an additional seven trama roots growing in the immediate vicinity, and a large number of scathecraw plants between the farm and Raven Rock.

Crops Plants
18 Ash Yam
5 Scathecraw
10 Trama Root


  • Directly west of the farm is a small island with a heart stone deposit. The island features a small camp with two bloodied bed rolls, a strongbox, a chest, an apothecary's satchel, a box with two bowls of bone meal and a pair of bonemold gauntlets, a food barrel, and two dead reavers. There is a boat on the southern side of the island, with a sack inside and a pickaxe on a crate nearby. Beware, as three ash hoppers will emerge from the ground as you explore the camp.
  • According to Captain Veleth, the farm was destroyed by the eruption of Red Mountain almost two hundred years ago, in 4E 5.