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Skyrim:Silus Vesuius's House

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Silus Vesuius's House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
The Pale
North side of Dawnstar
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Silus Vesuius's House

Silus Vesuius's House is the home of Silus Vesuius, and a museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn.

The house is located on the north side of Dawnstar, close to the coastline. It is the last house in the row to the left of Beitild's house. It is inaccessible until you reach level 20. It consists of one area, Silus Vesuius's House.


Silus Vesuius

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Silus Vesuius's HouseEdit

Silus Vesuius's House is a single-room house. Half the house has been converted into a museum for the Mythic Dawn, while the other half is Silus Vesuius' living area. There are four display cabinets around the northwestern half of the house, with a Mythic Dawn banner behind each. The first three of these are adept-locked, while the fourth cannot be interacted with. The first display cabinet to your left as you enter contains two Mythic Dawn robes (one hooded and one not), a pair of Mythic Dawn boots, and a pair of Mythic Dawn gloves. The second display cabinet contains a tattered page of the Mysterium Xarxes. The third display cabinet contains copies of all four of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries. The fourth display cabinet contains the Scabbard of Mehrunes' Razor, until removed by Silus during the related quest.

The southeastern end of the house is Silus' living area, and contains a stone fireplace opposite the door, with a cooking pot to the right on the hearth, and a hanging rack holding three rabbits above. There are several pieces of firewood to the left on the hearth. A wardrobe stands in the eastern corner of the room. There is a double owned bed against the southeast wall, and two barrels in the southern corner. There is a small table and chair holding a bottle of wine, a bottle of alto wine, a medium coin purse, three carrots, two loaves of bread, and two chicken's eggs.


"Also known as the Museum of the Mythic Dawn, the building is dedicated to the cult in Dawnstar. This is Silus's vain attempt to capture some attention and infamy for his family's past deeds. The pride of the collection is his impressive assortment of Mythic Dawn memorabilia, as well as a piece of Mehrunes' Razor that is kept in a secured display case."
  • If you visit Silus Vesuius's House before receiving the museum pamphlet, the Mythic Dawn banners are not yet present. They only appear after the museum has opened.
  • All the locked display cases can be freely lockpicked, but the items on the inside of two of them have to be stolen.


  • Version 1.6.342.0.8 of the Anniversary Edition causes a crash-to-desktop when entering the house. This is caused by a corruption to a texture.
  • If you use any form of weapon or Destruction-type spell on the tattered page of the Mysterium Xarxes, it will transform into an immobile bucket. This transformation is permanent. (details)
  • After killing him in the Pieces of the Past quest, Silus's bed can be slept in despite the "Owned" marker. ?