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Skyrim:Stonehill Bluff

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Giant Camp:
Stonehill Bluff
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Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 2
Console Location Code(s)
StonehillBluffExterior01, StonehillBluffExterior02, StonehillBluffExterior03
The Pale
Northeast of Volunruud
due West of the Tower of Mzark
Stonehill Bluff

Stonehill Bluff is a giant camp located northeast of Volunruud and due west of the Tower of Mzark.

This giant camp is inhabited by two giants, but no mammoths. The camp is located at the end of a ravine.

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Stonehill BluffEdit

The easiest approach to Stonehill Bluff is from the east. If you have Hearthfire installed and have built Heljarchen HallHF, travel is a short distance uphill to the west, then northwest to reach the beginning of the ravine. One of the giants is stationed on guard at the entrance. There are the normal markings of painted rocks, bone chimes and mammoth ribs and skulls. As you follow the ravine into the camp, you will find a patch of white cap close to a patch of imp stool, with two more white caps in the camp itself.

The camp itself is surrounded by large rock formations that form a basin. There are two large fires with a total of six charred skeevers cooking on fire-hardened spears over the fires. Around the camp there are a total of seven mammoth cheese bowl containers and two unlocked chests with random loot. One is at the northern end of the basin and the other is against the rocks to the east.


  • The fungi patches, charred skeevers, and mammoth cheese bowls do not seem to respawn with the rest of the camp. ?