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This page describes in detail how combat works in Skyrim Very Special Edition. It includes information about skill progression, a list of all weapons, spells, and shouts in the game, and text used when attacking and killing enemies with them.

There are three skills: Arms, Magic, and Shout.


Each Skill gains 1 XP each time it is used in Combat. After a certain number of uses, the Skill advances to the next level.

Skill Level XP to Next Level
1 1
2 1
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 6
8 7
9 8
10 9
11 9
12 10
13 12
14 11
15 13
16 14
17 14
18 15
19 16
20 17
21 18
22 19


"Your skill with arms has increased to Level <Level>."

When you level up the Arms skill, after defeating an enemy, you loot a new melee weapon from them. None of these descriptors have any effect on your attacks. The Weapon will sometimes not have an Enchantment. Your attack descriptions will match the weapon type you have equipped. As an example, you may see "Your Dagger pierces the Adoring Fan."

  • "You ignore the useless junk in the <Enemy>'s inventory and find a <Quality> <Material> <Type> <Enchantment>. Oooh, shiny!"
  • "You loot the <Enemy>'s remains, find a <Quality> <Material> <Type> <Enchantment>, and cast aside your old weapon."
  • Battleaxe
Attack: "chops", "hacks", "rends"
Kill: "cleaves", "decapitates", "terminates"
  • Dagger
Attack: "cuts", "pierces", "slashes", "slices", "stabs"
Kill: "eviscerates", "pierces the chest of", "slices into"
  • Greatsword
Attack: "carves", "cleaves", "slashes", "strikes"
Kill: "brutally slashes", "decapitates", "viciously cleaves"
  • Mace
Attack: "bashes", "pounds", "pummels", "sunders"
Kill: "thoroughly pounds", "utterly crushes"
  • Sword
Attack: "carves", "pierces", "slashes", "strikes"
Kill: "cuts deeply into", "digs into", "impales"
  • War Axe
Attack: "chops", "hacks", "rends", "slashes"
Kill: "slashes deeply into", "viciously rends"
Qualities Materials Enchantments
  • Epic
  • Fine
  • Flawless
  • Legendary
  • Superior
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Orcish
  • Dwarven
  • of Arcing
  • of Burning
  • of Embers
  • of Flames
  • of Scorching
  • of Shocks
  • of Thunderbolts


"Your Magicka swells with arcane power. Your Magic Skill has increased to Level <Level>."

When you choose to use your Magic skill, you will randomly cast one of your known spells. As you level up, you add new spells to your spell list.


  • Flames
  • Frostbite
  • Sparks
  • Conjured Familiar
  • Raised Zombie
  • Firebolt
  • Ice Spike
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Bound Sword
  • Fire Rune
  • Frost Rune
  • Lightning Rune


"Your Thu'um grows mighty! Your Shout Skill has increased to Level <Level>."
"Your Shout Skill has increased to Level <Level>. You now command <Shout>."

As you level, your Shouts level up, and you learn new Shouts. When using the Shout skill, you will randomly use one of the shouts you know at that level.

Skill Level Shouts learned at Level
1 Learn Fus (Unrelenting Force)
3 Fus upgrades to Fus Ro
6 Fus Ro upgrades to Fus Ro Dah
8 Learn Yol (Fire Breath)
10 Yol upgrades to Yol Toor
13 Yol Toor upgrades to Yol Toor Shul
15 Learn Fo (Frost Breath)
17 Fo upgrades to Fo Krah
20 Fo Krah upgrades to Fo Krah Diin
22 Learn Ven (Cyclone)
24 Ven upgrades to Ven Gaar
27 Ven Gaar upgrades to Ven Gaar Nos
29 Learn Gaan (Drain Vitality)
Unrelenting ForceEdit
  • "Unrelenting Force smashes into your foe."
  • "Your mighty shout slams the <Enemy> into the dirt."
  • "Your mighty Thu'um crashes into your foe."
  • "Your Unrelenting Force throws the <Enemy> back, staggering it."
  • "Your Unrelenting Force tosses the <Enemy> into the air. [he/she/it] crashes to the ground."
  • "The <Enemy> croaks one last breath, defeated. Your shout echoes all the way to Sovngarde."
  • "The <Enemy> never gets back up. That's what you get for messing with the Dovahkiin."
  • "The <Enemy> struggles to get up, briefly, then expires. Good riddance."
Fire BreathEdit
  • "Fire Breath bellows from you, searing the <Enemy>."
  • "Your Fire Breath burns the <Enemy>."
  • "Your shout becomes fire, scorching the <Enemy>."
  • "[he/she/it] bursts into flames, then collapses defeated."
  • "[he/she/it] crumbles into a smoldering pile. That takes care of that."
  • "[he/she/it] just [sic] a pile of foul-smelling ash now."
Frost BreathEdit
  • "Frost breath rushes forth towards the <Enemy>."
  • "Your breath is an icy gale which cuts into the <Enemy>."
  • "Your icy breath chills the <Enemy> to the bone."
  • "Your shout is a frozen wind. It slams into the <Enemy>."
  • "[he/she/it]'s frozen solid, a threat no more."
  • "sealing [him/her/it] in ice."
  • "transforming [him/her/it] into a pillar of solid ice."
  • "You freeze [him/her/it] solid with an expression of disappointment on [his/her/its] face for all eternity."
  • "A tornado of deadly wind rushes from you into the <Enemy>."
  • "Your Cyclone throws the <Enemy> upwards."
  • "Your voice is [sic] crashes into the <Enemy> like a cyclone."
  • "[he/she/it] thrashes in the wind and slams back to the ground, defeated."
  • "Your might [sic] voice is so strong that the <Enemy> ragdolls forever."
Drain VitalityEdit
  • "Drain Vitality saps the strength of the <Enemy>."
  • "Your Drain Vitality sucks the very essence from your foe."
  • "Your voice is a torrent of vicious magical energy. It collides with the <Enemy>."
  • "The malignant power of your Thu'um overwhelms [him/her/it]. [he/she/it] is no more."


These are the messages that appear when you attempt to flee. You cannot flee from a boss battle.


If you succeed, you move on to choosing the next path.

  • "The mighty dragonborn manages to scamper off successfully."
  • "The mighty dragonborn runs from his fight. You won't be relaying this tale to the bards any time soon."
  • "You flee successfully. All's well that ends well, you suppose."
  • "You make your escape and live to fight another day."
  • "You make your escape, unscathed."
  • "You scamper off with your tail between your legs. No need to mention this to anyone."
  • "You successfully turn tail and run away with your dignity intact. Mostly intact."


If your attempt fails, you receive damage.

  • "As you turn to make your escape, you trip over a rock. The <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."
  • "Skyrim's chosen one runs away, but the <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."
  • "The mighty Dovahkiin turns tail and runs, but the <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."
  • "You attempt a tactical retreat, but the <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."
  • "Your clean getaway leaves much to be desired. The <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."
  • "Your clumsy attempt to escape fails. The <Enemy> attacks before you can make your escape."


Although you cannot flee from a boss, you do not take any damage for trying the option.

  • "No true hero of Skyrim would flee in the face of a boss battle."
  • "There is no turning back now. You must face this final threat."
  • "You consider fleeing, then remember that you are Dovahkiin. And that you really want that quest reward."