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Skyrim Very Special Edition

This page is an overview of how the text adventure in Skyrim Very Special Edition is structured.


The game alternates between three different phases of play: Travel, Dungeon, and Encounter.

There is a small set of commands, and a few different situations in which different commands are available. Note that, for each command, some variations in wording are still accepted. For example, "Weapon" will be accepted for "Attack with Weapon", "Ladder" will be accepted for "Simple Wooden Ladder", etc.

Skyrim: Say this to open the game.
Stop: When at a decision point, this will end the game, saving your progress. The exit message is, "Safe travels, adventurer."
Help: Hear a help message relevant to the current decision point (see below).

Decision PointsEdit

  • When at a crossroads, you'll have to choose between 2 Landmarks. You say the name of the Landmark to choose it.
Help: "The open world of Skyrim is filled with crossroads like this one. Each choice leads you closer to your next adventure. Just choose where you'd like to visit from the list of options."
  • At a Landmark, you choose whether to accept the Quest. "Yes" or "No" to choose.
Help: "Skyrim's people are in desperate need of your aid during these troubled times. You can either accept their quest, or, walk away awkwardly as they speak. The choice is yours. I hope you'll do the right thing."
  • At a Dungeon entrance, you choose whether to enter and continue your Quest. "Yes" or "No" to choose.
Help: "In Skyrim Very Special Edition, you control your adventures with your voice. You'll choose where to go, what quests to accept, and how to fight enemies. For additional assistance, you can ask for help at different points in the game."
  • In Combat within a Dungeon, you choose how to engage. "Attack with Weapon", "Cast Spell", "Use Shout", or "Flee".
Help: "In combat, you battle foes by saying "attack with weapon," "cast spell," or "use shout". Be warned, some enemies are resistant to certain attacks, so do try and pay attention. If a battle is going poorly, you can ask "what is my health?" to check your likelihood of dying. And if you face an enemy that's too strong, you can say "flee" to run away like a milkingĀ [sic] drinking coward."
  • After Combat, you'll be presented with a few Passages to choose between. You say the name of the Passage to choose it.
Help: "As you battle your way to this quest's final boss, you will need to choose where to go next. Simply choose from the list of options presented to continue on your quest."


The Travel takes the following steps.

  1. Random experience while traveling.
  2. Come to a crossroads, choose between 2 Landmarks to explore.
  3. Meet a random NPC who offers a random Quest.
  4. Choose to accept the Quest to go to the Dungeon phase. Decline the Quest to go back to the beginning of the Travel phase.
  5. Return from the Dungeon and complete the Quest.
  6. The NPC gives you a reward.
  7. Go back to the beginning of the Travel phase.


The Dungeon phase takes the following steps.

  1. Arrive at the Dungeon. If you have never entered a dungeon, you receive the following text:
    • "You arrive at your first dungeon. As the mighty Dovahkiin you obviously already know that you can use your weapon, cast spell, or shout to battle your enemies. And, seeing as how you're Skyrim's chosen one, you certainly will never ever need to ask to flee when facing an enemy too powerful for you. Nope, a powerful warrior like you won't ever need to flee. Or even take enough damage to ask, "what is my health?". So let's continue."
  2. You must choose to enter into the Dungeon. If you decline, you go back to the beginning of the Travel phase.
  3. You enter a room.
  4. You have an Encounter. If the Encounter is the Final Boss, an additional message will play before it begins.
  5. The Encounter ends. If the Encounter was the Final Boss, you return to the NPC and the final steps of the Travel phase.
  6. You choose a passage to a new room, repeating the three previous steps.


There are two types of Encounters.


You heal from your wounds, recovering 50 health.


A Combat Encounter has the following steps.

  1. An Enemy is introduced.
  2. You choose an action: "You can attack with weapon, cast spell, use shout, or flee. What would you like to do?" or simply "What would you like to do?"
    Attack with Weapon: Deal damage based on your Arms skill
    Cast Spell: Deal damage based on your Magic skill
    Use Shout: Deal damage based on your Shout skill
    Flee: Attempt to skip this fight. Does not reduce the number of Enemies you will encounter in the Dungeon. Has a chance to fail.
  3. Certain enemies may resist a particular skill, taking less damage from it. This message will not play if you defeat the Enemy with this action.
  4. If you defeated the Enemy, a victory message will conclude the battle.
  5. If you have gained enough experience using the Skill, you will receive a Level Up message.
  6. If you leveled up in the Arms skill during this battle and have defeated the Enemy, you will loot a new weapon from the Enemy's inventory.
  7. If the Enemy is defeated, you return to the Dungeon phase with the end of Encounter step.
  8. If the Enemy survives, they attempt to deal damage to you. Repeat from step 2.
    • If you die in an Encounter, you get a message specific to that Enemy defeating you. The game gives the following message, then returns you to the beginning of the Travel Phase:
    • "The Divines commend your soul to the afterlife. You stare at a loading screen featuring a helpful tip that you've seen many, many times before. Loading. Loading. Loading. You awake and rise to your feet. You are alive, but have failed your quest."