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The [[Daggerfall:Iliac Bay|Iliac Bay]] is a very dangerous place. In addition to the various creatures you will encounter during your adventures, there are also the invisible dangers that can be even deadlier. These are the various known '''diseases''', some of which are capable of wiping out entire cities in no time. Diseases can be contracted from various foes, mostly animals and the undead.
As in real life, you will not recognize instantly if you have contracted a disease, but must wait until the incubation time has passed, which can take many hours. The time necessary to diagnose a disease depends on your [[Daggerfall:Skills#Medical|medicalMedical]] skill. Once the incubation time has passed, the disease from which you suffer will be visible on the status screen. Entering fast-travel under such circumstances is very dangerous and you will get a warning if you try to do this, saying that you will most likely not survive the journey.
As soon as you know that you suffer from a disease, you should cure yourself as soon as possible using a potion or a spell. In many cases, it may already be too late to seek out a temple healer. If you are lucky enough to survive the journey to a temple, its healer will cure you of all diseases, provided you have the sufficient amount of gold for the cure. The costs of such a cure depend on how many and which diseases you have contracted, however on some special [[Daggerfall:Holidays|holidays]] the temple healers will cure everybody for free or for only a marginal amount of gold.
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