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[[File:ON-icon-misc-Coin Bag.png|right]][[File:ON-item-Coins (Drakes).jpg|thumb|right|Physical model of coins]][[File:ON-icon-Gold.png|16px|link=]] '''Gold''' is the main form of [[Online:Currency|currency]] in [[Online:Online|Elder Scrolls Online]]. It is the most common type of loot, and is also awarded for completing quests, taking part in a [[Online:Campaigns|campaign]] in [[Online:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]], and claiming [[ON:Daily Rewards|Daily Rewards]]. Additional gold can be earned by selling items to NPC [[Online:Vendors|vendors]] or trading with other players. Gold is used to pay for most in-game services and is therefore very valuable. Although usually held in a character's [[Online:Inventory|inventory]], gold can be deposited in a [[Online:Bank|bank]] in order to transfer it to an [[Online:Abbreviations_and_Terms#Alt|alt]] or contribute towards [[Online:Guilds|guild]] expenses. It can be lost as part of the [[ON:Justice|Justice System]].
Gold rewarded for completing quests is based on both the level of a character and the type of quest (important/longer quests give out higher gold):;
[[Online:ESO Plus|ESO Plus]] members should multiply all values by ×1.1