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Notes: incorrect meaning of transcription error
* According to a [[:File:ON-prerelease-2011 Build.jpg|screenshot from 2011]], early builds of ESO also used silver and copper currency.
* As a physical object, gold can be found '''Coins''' in many locations. Coins may be marked as unowned or stolen (stolen coins incur a bounty if taken when a witness is present) and often give a low amount of gold. They show the symbol of a chest on one side and a crown with four {{Lore Link|Daedric Alphabet|Daedric letters}} on the other side. These coins are called "Drakes".
** Mistakenly, some coins still use the older model showing the symbol of the Empire on one side and the face of {{Lore Link|Tiber Septim}} on the other. These coins, called "Septims", are aused transcriptionin error as Tiber Septim did not exist as of the time period of ESO and the textures were likely lifted directly from the [[Skyrim:Gold|''TES V: Skyrim'' coin]] models.
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