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''Daedric'' (Requires level 39)
:Daedric Battleaxe - While similar to its Ebony cousin, the monstrous Daedric Battleaxe has been forged using the heart of a Daedra, giving it a magickalmagical, otherworldly edge.
:Daedric Dagger - A favorite among assassins and cutthroats, the Daedric Dagger sports a cruel serrated blade that nearly pulses with evil.
:Daedric Greatsword - Favored weapon of the demon-like Dremora, the Daedric Greatsword has a design meant to terrify and a blade honed to kill.
:Glass Dagger - With its wide, green-tinted, reinforced malachite blade, the beautiful Glass Dagger is sometimes carried by Thalmor Justiciars as a backup weapon.
:Glass Greatsword - The beauty of the two-handed Glass Greatsword, with its blade of malachite and moonstone, belies its ability to efficiently cleave opponents in half.
:Glass Hand Axe - Designed with speed and agility in mind, the Glass Hand Axe whirls around the battlefield in swift flashes of green{{sic|..|...}} thatThose are often the last thing many unsuspecting warriors see.
:Glass Light Hammer - With its spiked crystalline head, the Glass Light Hammer can more easily penetrate armor made of lesser materials.
:Glass Longsword - Featuring a wide blade and a wing-tipped hilt, the Glass Longsword resembles the Elven Longsword, as both were initially designed by Elven smiths.
:Elven Dagger - The elegant Elven Dagger is often carried by maidens and scholars as a last-ditch means of self-defense, but it is also a favorite among Elven thieves.
:Elven Greatsword - While an Altmer warrior rarely charges into battle wielding an Elven Greatsword, when it does happen, it's best to run in the opposite direction…
:Elven Hand Axe - A light cleaving weapon, the Elven {{sic|Handaxe|Hand Axe}} features exquisite details around its head and along its handle, making it as much a work of art as it is a tool of war.
:Elven Light Hammer - The beautiful, avian-inspired design of the Elven Light Hammer's head comes from the Altmer tradition of using the eagle as a symbol of their ancestry.
:Elven Longsword - The most common weapon used by Altmer soldiers, the Elven Longsword features a wide, teardrop-shaped blade that excels at both slashing and parrying.